'Modern Family' Actress Leaves Event in Tears After Being Assaulted by Fan

Modern FamilyWhat should have been a festive event for the Modern Family castmembers turned downright creepy this week for Sarah Hyland, who plays Haley Dunphy on the sitcom. Hyland was attending a party hosted by Qantas Airlines in Sydney on Thursday night when a male fan took things way, WAY too far with the 23-year-old actress, at which point she left the event in tears.

A 29-year-old man was arrested near the venue, and according to a spokesperson for the NSW Police, "It is alleged that a man indecently assaulted a 23-year-old woman at about 7:50 p.m." Hyland's long-term boyfriend Matt Prokop is so incensed over the incident, he's posted a furious note on Twitter to the "asshole who assaulted Sarah tonight," expressing his hope that ... well, he didn't quite come out and say that he wants the guy to die in a fire, but that's pretty much the gist of it.

Hyland was outside the Modern Family event when she was allegedly groped on the chest by a man who had asked her to pose for a photograph. According to reports, she shoved him and screamed, “Don’t touch me there!” before alerting private security, who called in local police. Luckily, it sounds like the guy was arrested without any trouble, and he's currently set to appear at Downing Centre Local Court on March 14.

Hyland has since tweeted an apology to the fans who had hoped to meet her at the event:

Her boyfriend followed up with a few choice words of his own:

Damn, he is pissed. Although who could blame him, really? It's beyond gross that some dude would try and cop a feel right in front of everyone, like he thought Hyland was his personal property or something. I can imagine that this is the sort of thing that makes celebrities really nervous about meeting large crowds of fans -- or even leaving their house, for that matter.

Do you think Hyland's boyfriend's comment was appropriate, given what happened?

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Barbara Dotts

I think the scum bag is lucky she's not my daughter. I have six sons who would make him rethink his very big mistake.

nonmember avatar June

I would be tempted to ask him outside once he gets out of Jail. I had that done to me when I was dancing with this guy. I was so stunned, I went back to the table and told my date but the creep had split. Good thing for him. BF 6'2 300 lbs. He went looking for him and I said never mind I was afraid he would rip him apart Never saw the creep again.

aajm-... aajm-momma

She needs some tougher skin. While I dont think what the creeper did was right why did the rest have to stuff. You scream alert security have him removed and carry on. It was a grope granted an uninvited grope but really tears?

Julia Saenz

tougher skin!?!?!?! sheesh
She's famous so it should be okay!?!?!?
She works in hollywood where they don't have much of a reputation for asking, more like drugging & raping. She probably has ptsd which is why she got so upset or because you know, it was so vulgar & demeaning.

nonmember avatar L

Thicker skin?! I'm assuming you have thick enough skin that you won't mind me telling you that you are a complete idiot.

Heavy... Heavy_Pipe

June, why not just stick to dancing with your date to begin with? 

ninag... ninag1980

ugh, I feel her pain

One time when I was about 25 I was out at  club.  Out of nowhere this DB grabs my butt with both hands and squeezed.  I had NO idea who this guy was!! I was soo pissed.  I was also so stunned that he actually did that. To this day I feel like I should have punched or slapped him or something.  I was just so stunned that I didnt.  Its a gross feeling when you are violated that way.  UGH!

nonmember avatar karlee

I agree with the thicker skin. However, she has had lots of health problems including dialysis and a kidney transplant and is probably on a lot of medication so one cannot just take her leaving at face value only. She may have also had other issues going on than only being groped.

EarlG... EarlGrayHot

I would have smacked him myself.  Then call for security.

nonmember avatar Lily

What a disgusting attitude to take towards unwanted sexual advances. Atitudes like that are one of the reasons why rape and sexual assault run rampant in this country.

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