Could '50 Shades' Hit Theaters Way Earlier Than We Thought?

Jamie DornanThe makers of the Fifty Shades movie have been pretty up front about the movie's release date. At this point, every fan of the books (and future fan of the flicks) has the date February 14, 2015 circled (probably in red lipstick) on their calendars. But now it sounds like that calendar should go out the window -- along with that red lipstick you're using as a pen because, seriously, that's unsanitary. Never fear, they haven't made any announcements about having to push the movie back, so no panic is necessary. I mean, unless that is what you are into I guess. In fact, the rumor circulating currently makes it sound like the opposite could be true

Sources are whispering that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have actually done most of their shooting already -- including all those sexy scenes we're desperate to get a glimpse of! If they are close to finishing up, that means the movie itself must be getting close to wrapping. With the movie finishing production so much earlier than anticipated, it only goes to follow that producers could think about changing the release date! Of course at this point, this is mainly just speculation. But rest assured the minute we get any news about the release date changing, we'll be sure to share it here!

Do you think the date is set in stone, or could it change?


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nonmember avatar Candy

how can they have wrapped filming when there is no Gail Jones? Does Ana not run in to Mrs. Jones at all in the first movie???

nonmember avatar porsha elliott

ana doesn't meet mrs. robinson until the second novel.

Karen Yager

Would love an earlier release date!


Megan Nikki McCree

Makes me worry that things wont be good like they might have rushed through them.

Jessica C Rivera

or it could me the actors are working around the clock as opposed to rushing the scenes :-D

Diana Isabella

i think every project has a deadline,so they probably stick to that date.i don't think they work by the ''oh lets shoot scenes and see what happens in the meantime''.they have pretty much time to make it really good,if they said they finished most of the ana&christian parts. the devil's in the details :D

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