'Sex and the City 3' May Actually Be Happening

sex and the city 2You know what was awful? Sex and the City 2. Come on, it was a truth universally acknowledged. So you know what sounds even awfuler? Sex and the City 3. But apparently that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from spinning with, um, rumors about coming out with a third movie featuring one of HBO's most famous quartets.

Apparently, to everyone's abject horror, a SATC producer and writer, Michael Patrick King, thinks there is "one story left."

No, Michael, there really, truly isn't. Just let it go!

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda may come back to grace movie theater screens even though the second movie was a complete and utter flop. Besides, the first episode premiered all the way back in 1998! No matter how once beloved, it's officially time to let this series die.

"[The series] spilled over into people’s lives and the characters were rounded enough that you could still wonder where they are," King told Entertainment Weekly. "What I do know is that there’s interest ... It’s all really about the stories, and if you actually think you have something left to say that would make it exciting and worthwhile for the fans’ time, that’s really the question. Not whether you can get away with it, not whether anybody will buy it, not whether you can make money on it. It’s really, like, is there enough or more to say that would justify people risking seeing their favorite characters again? And I think there’s one chapter left."

No, there's not enough to say, and it doesn't justify the risk to make this series end on an even more sour note than the second movie did.

But apparently Sarah Jessica Parker may be leaning toward a third movie after all, and that's even scarier. "A part of me thinks there is one last chapter to tell. But timing is a peculiar thing. It isn't a decision that can wait forever. I don't want to have to wear muumuus!" she said to InStyle.

Luckily the voice of reason, Cynthia Nixon, is saying what these producers really need to hear: "I think we had a wonderful ride," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "I think it's fine to let it go."

I'm just so curious though ... what exactly is it that fans have left to see? Samantha getting married? No thanks. Big dying? Something else tragic? Carrie and Big having kids (ain't gonna happen)? All four of them settling down together in a retirement home? Of course, this isn't to say that there can't be another movie because they're too old. That's wrong and sexist and ageist. No, this is like The Hangover Part III -- there just doesn't seem to be any story left to tell. And that is really okay.

Plus, I simply can't think of that karaoke scene in the second movie without breaking into a cold sweat and bursting into tears. Oh, the nightmares.

Would you watch a third Sex and the City movie?


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nonmember avatar April

I loved the series as well as both movies! I say bring on round 3!!!!!

nonmember avatar Christina

I think you should speak for yourself Jill. As the writer of this story I have to believe that you weren't a true fan. Was the second movie as good as the first? No Was the second movie still a great movie? Heck yeah! I love every single episode of the show and every movie. Bring on the third installment. I don't care if they make 10, I love these girls! It is like catching up with my own girlfriends!

Ashyb... Ashybaby13

I am a single mama with an 11 month old baby boy. I left my job as a teacher to be a nanny fulltime so I could bring him with me as I want to be the one raising him. That being said , I don't think every single mom needs to be the sole caregiver of their child. She was working and serving our country. She wasn't depending on anyone else to take care of her or her family. She has clearly thought out a childcare plan for the duration of her employment. She was a thoughtful, careful mother and did her best. The man who murdered her baby is at fault not her. Jeez Louise

nonmember avatar Pam Phree

Yes, bring it on! I want to see Carrie and Mr. Big again! I want to see Steve and Charlotte and Harry! Do it! Make it so!

RMT1995 RMT1995

I loved the series and the first movie, didn't like the second movie at all BUT I would definitely see a third movie if it happens.

Heavy... Heavy_Pipe

In the final movie she should die alone and be eaten by her cats

hello... hellokd87

I'm a huge fan of Satc, trust me, but if they do another movie might as well just re-air The Golden Girls.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

I still want my money back for the second movie!

nonmember avatar sandy

The one and only thing that would entice me to SATC 3 would be if the story line were entirely different in focus and scope than the series (or previous two movie versions). For example, I would not be interested in any more of the ladies' relationship ups and downs: I would, though, want to learn about their back stories, their families and siblings, etc. Otherwise, let the foursome fade away...

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