Prince William & Kate Middleton Deserve Justice

Kate and WillsFor members of the royal family like Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, privacy is of the utmost importance. They are such public figures, and as such, when they do seek time on their own to be normal people away from the glare of the spotlight, this is a wish that should be met and respected by all parties involved. Sadly, that's not always the case. In fact, often it's far from it. Rebekah Brooks, the deputy editor of The Sun, was recently acquitted of the crime of paying to acquire a photograph of Prince William wearing a bikini at a fancy-dress party. That's right, she paid off one of his friends to get a photo of him looking ridiculous, and now she's getting away with it. 

At the party in question -- where Kate Middleton was reportedly wearing a wet suit -- William thought he was safe from the eye of the paparazzi, but because of Brooks' unethical behavior, neither he nor Kate was safe to enjoy the evening as they had every right to do. The only reason Brooks got away with such a heinous act is because the judge deemed it an impossible case since no one knows where the photo came from. Luckily, Kate and Prince William might still get the justice they deserve -- this is only one of many charges against Brooks. 

Do you think that Brooks should have been found guilty?


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nonmember avatar Desiree Glenist

Brooks should be ashamed. No amount of money is worth friendship and privacy.

nonmember avatar tess

Brooks is as guilty as hell we all know that

waity... waitykate

Oh why not ask why Willnot and Kannot were OK with Kannot going full nude on a French balcony if they really are so concerned with "privacy" ?  Willnot should certainly have been aware of what photographers can do with a long-range lens.

What about all the short,fluttery dresses that Kannot was always wearing, even though they were the most likely type of dress to get blown up high in a wind ? Which was what kept happening and she didn't change the type of clothing she wore. There are photos of all that too.

How about instead of targeting someone for buying a photo, ask why Willnot and Kannot are so very lazy, and obviously don't care much about helping others ?  Or ask why Willnot was fooling around with Jecca Craig ?  What sort of royals are these ? Lazy ? Self indulgent ? So who cares if someone annoys them regarding a lousy photo ?! 

Waity Kate is at a record low for any sort public service. Waity is such a dud. She did nothing all January, then took off on a vacation. Then into February, the month was half done by the time she made ONE "appearance" at some art thing.
Princess Diana would have really loathed lazy Kate, and she would have been appalled at how William seems OK with Kate's laziness and in fact is lazy himself. Willnot and Kannot both rated at the bottom of a list of "working" royals. Shame on them, they have so much but do so little for others. 

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