'Couples Therapy' Recap: Farrah Abraham's Mom Puts on Quite the Show

Farrah AbrahamWhen this season of Couples Therapy started, it's safe to say most people hated Farrah Abraham. Boy have things changed! The Teen Mom may still not be the fans' favorite, but after tonight's private therapy session with her mom, Debra Danielson, you'd have to have a heart of stone not to feel at least a wee bit bad for her!

The show got started with a confessional group therapy session where some of the stars shared their most heartwrenching childhood memories. Taylor Armstrong and Sada Bettencourt recalled seeing a lot of abuse in their homes, while Farrah talked about being the direct victim of abuse.

Turns out when Farrah was a kid, her parents ignored her most of the time. They'd drop her off with someone whose name was bleeped out (although it sounded like a relative as she said "my" before the bleep), and that's where Farrah recalls being abused. But when she'd tell her mom, Farrah claims she got no help.

Now we all know Farrah likes to over-dramatize things, and I'll admit I kind of rolled my eyes a little when she started crying ... AGAIN.

But then her mom showed up for their special session with Dr. Jenn Berman, and I remembered why I actually came around to liking Farrah way back in her Teen Mom days. Her mom is a b---h.

Plain and simple.

We saw a clip of her smacking Farrah from Teen Mom, but when Dr. Jenn tries to call her on getting physical with her daughter, first she tries to deny it ... then starts blaming Farrah for basically asking for physical violence. Uh, what, now?

Oh, and remember how Debra got arrested back in the Teen Mom days for getting physical? She tried to pin the blame for that one on Farrah too, saying that Farrah lied to the cops.

But I seem to recall Debra having copped to her part in all of that way back when ... and now she's changing her story?

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Basically the whole session was a disaster with Debra refusing to show a little human compassion for her own daughter. All we got was a lot of her being righteously indignant that Dr. Jenn would dare call her out. Meanwhile Farrah had to sit there with a mom who knows her kid is in therapy and STILL won't step up as a mom

The hardest part came when Dr. Jenn flat out told Farrah she'd have to grieve the fact that she'll never have the mom she wants ... and Debra more or less did nothing! What a cold-hearted you-know-what!

It seemed like she was more interested in being there to put on a show of being a supportive mom than to actually be one and help her kid out.

Why do you think Debra came out to the Couples Therapy house if she wasn't going to open up to Dr. Jenn?


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nonmember avatar Honeypot

I rembr the fight when Debra was sent 2 jail! It was unfair. Farrah had beatn her up, cuz mom brought in her mail, not the other way around. This woman is so terrifed of her daughtr that she cant speak up. Thats why she kept askn dr Jenn what 2 do/say. Farrah has used her as a public punchin bag on evry TV talk show shes been on. Hardly the behavior an abused child. I think it's time 4 Debra 2 step up & write a "Tell All Book", Now! It would b a best sellr 4sure cuz the world is eagr 4 the truth insted of Farrah Tales! Spohia's bein used as a weapon anyway, bein kept away frm grandma, so she has nothing 2 lose. Debra would deserv ALL the $uccess & attentn it would bring 2 her aftr ALL the humiliation Farrah has put that poor woman thru!

nonmember avatar Mystified

Wow, is this a new language? Whatever you were trying to convey went out the window with all those numbers, symbols and letters mixed in for good measure.

nonmember avatar Tellitlikeitis

Lets not get it twisted here. Farrah is the way she is because that's they way her parents made her. Who calls their parents by their first name? I always knew there was something more to the story when I seen her on Teen Mom. The sister also does not get along with the mother and has even confronted her telling her it's her fault she's that way. The mother also didn't let her have a relationship with her sons father who now has passed away, and I'm sure that also has something to do with all the trauma she is going through right now. This girl had a messed up life and it's clear it had to do a lot with the parenting. She really needs help or she will definitely not make it. She also needs to look out for Sophia before her parents screw her up too.

nonmember avatar Gigimendo

Are you kidding me! Farrah is a spoiled bitch if you've read her book you'll know farrah is a liar as well. Her parents done and gave that girl everything she needed and wanted, not even her sister likes her cause she's such a dumbass and a liar.

nonmember avatar Jazz2009

It's funny how her mother was just saying how Farrah was loud talking her and cussing her for 25 minutes and she asked her to stop and she didn't and then Farrah start doing the same thing in the session. If everybody would stop trying to feel sorry for her lying, rude, stuck up ass you would see how disrespectful she really is to her mother. If her mother would have slapped the shit out of her when they were in the session everybody would have swore she was wrong, but I would have felt like she got what she deserved.

nonmember avatar jinny

Farrah is a rotten person. Every time she speaks to her parents she's so nasty towards them. That therapist is an idiot. She kept attacking Farrah's mother instead of helping their situation. No matter what her mother does or say it's never good enough for Farrah so her mother just doesn't know how to react towards her. I believe her mother's tears were genuine. I pray that God gives Farrah's mother some peace in her life.

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