Leah Messer's Confession About Her Daughter Is Tough to Hear

Leah MesserLeah Messer pulled no punches recently, when she opened up to talk about how hard the past year has been for her and her family. Her daughter Ali was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, and Leah has had a crash course in being the parent of a child with a disability. She speaks so earnestly about how every day is a careful balance of hope tempered with reality that it's almost tough to listen to. I can't ever imagine being that calm -- but Leah can, because it's what her daughter needs. Especially given the way Ali's dad is approaching things -- which is so the opposite of helpful. 

Corey Simms is choosing to be optimistic, plain and simple. While it's great that he thinks his daughter can do anything, his blissed out and oblivious attitude could also be counterproductive and make Ali feel like she's letting him down should she not live up to the expectations he's putting on her. While Leah hasn't lost hope about everything Ali can achieve, she also knows the reality of the challenges she'll face, and she's approaching them with that attitude. It's not an easy road, but it sounds like she's up for the challenge.

Do you think Leah's being too negative?


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nonmember avatar misty

funny how everyone is bashing corey cuz he actually has hopes for his daughter. He isnt setting standards he just has hopes she can overcome this. Leah is so damn negative and on the show acted like her daughters life was over.

nonmember avatar Gina

Why so harsh for Corey being optimistic? I think his attitude is great and I can't picture him every letting his girls feel like they have let him down. I think the doctors are so matter of fact that hearing most if her life that she can't or won't do such things it will keep her down. Mind over matter a lot of times.

nonmember avatar Ks

Research Muscular Dystrophy and you will see it is something to take very serious. I work with these type of children. Leah is being realistic which is best for her daughter.

Mae Hammac

what ever she is being a mom i have 2 kids that has needs like this i dont tell them they cant do something but i do know that there are things they cant do she is a good mom just keep it up u are a great lady dont let anyone tell u that u are wrong

Amanda Pelter Burke

I think they're not teens anymore and should both have more sense! They can't change it, they should both work with her and accept it.

nonmember avatar Shelley

I will first admit that I did not watch the show but given the small amount of info the previews gave I'd like to say unless you have a special needs child you can't speak to this. When you have your D Day there is nothing but shock and you must mourn the loss of who your child was going to be. It can be like a death and you must grieve and then you admit it and then get to work helping your child become the best they can be given their limitations. Plain and simple!

Diana Balletta Johnstone

She is being realistic but don't believe for one minute she does not pray. hope and wait for a miracle. I pray she gets one!

marie... mariesmama

um wendys is raiseing money right now for muscular dystropy my boss says theyre close to a cure...

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