Ana Steele's Not the Only One Desperate for Christian Grey

Jamie DornanFans of Jamie Dornan were psyched when they learned he'd signed on to play the role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades flick. But they were also bummed -- because Jamie's rapidly mounting success meant they'd lose out on the opportunity to watch him work where some folks first discovered him. That's right, we're talking about his role on ABC's Once Upon a Time, where Jamie's now-deceased Huntsman character sometimes still makes an appearance. He was supposed to come back for this season too, but sadly it's not to be. 


Because of his crazy schedule, Jamie won't be back, and the cast, creators, and crew and majorly bummed about it! He's been a favorite of the entire team, and while they are happy that he's having all this success, it means his schedule is more jam-packed than ever. But they shouldn't rule him out altogether. That's the beauty of a T.V. show -- they could keep the story going and work with Dornan and his schedule until they find something that works for all parties involved. By the time they finagle it, he'll be a full-blown superstar, all the better to promote the show.

Would you tune into Once Upon a Time to see Dornan?


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