Kate Middleton's Gift From the Queen More Proof of Baby 2?

Kate MiddletonWhen it comes to all gossip-related things involving Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, it's best to take in each item with a massive grain of salt. Of course you can't blame the media for getting in a tizzy when it seems like Kate might be pregnant, or when they coo over the latest outfit she wore in public. She's just so fascinating that we can't help ourselves but turn an ear toward the story and listen for a grain of truth. This one seems like a long-shot, but you never know. Apparently the Queen is so delighted that Kate is expecting a second baby that she gifted her with the necklace she was recently photographed wearing -- one valued at $10 million! 


The necklace in question is one Kate wore at the National Portrait Gallery event last week, which was a wedding gift to Queen Elizabeth. While there's no doubt that Queen allowed Kate to wear this piece from her impressive collection of jewels, the idea that it was permanently given to Kate for her success in breeding both an heir and a spare seems like a massive stretch. If it's not, the royals might want to investigate just who they are allowing within their close quarters and why they might be gossiping so freely with the press.

Do you think the necklace was a loan or a gift?


Image via Instagram

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