Juan Pablo Galavis May Have Already Dumped His Fiance (PHOTO)

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Juan Pablo Galavis Andi

Well, golly. That was fast. He hasn't even handed out the final rose yet on his season of The Bachelor, and there's already a rumor floating around that Juan Pablo Galavis is dating a sexy brunette -- who is most definitely not the woman he did (or did not) get engaged to.

Oh ... who is she, you ask?

Here's a hint ... she's a singer.

OMG. I know what you're thinking.

He somehow wound up with Sharleen Joynt after the show ended, even though she dumped him and left him broken-hearted in Miami after deciding something "just didn't feel right."

Gah. That's what I was initially hoping for too. But alas, it's not the case. This photo of Juan Pablo with singer Mayra Veronica was taken at the Miami Heat game, and according to onlookers, the two of them were acting pretty chummy. (Which may or may not mean they're gettin' flirty.)

Juan Pablo Galavis Mayra Veronica

She's cute, right? One thing's for sure, she definitely looks hot next to good old Juan P. -- so maybe there's more going here than meets the eye?

It's possible. If, of course, Juan Pablo and the lucky lady he picked at the end of The Bachelor have already gone their separate ways. Come on -- would that really surprise you? Out of the women that are left, he doesn't really seem to be gaga over any of them.

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Wait a second, what if he didn't wind up getting down on one knee at all? You know, like maybe he'll shock us and pull a total Brad Womack at the end and send both of his final two women home in tears?

Oh man. I don't wanna get my hopes up -- but that would be EPIC. And then he can get all cozy and happy with this Mayra chick and they can have their very own reality show about their new life together. (With his ex, Carla, in a starring role too, of course.)

This could be nothing more than a case of yet another Juan Pablo fan taking a pic with him. But wouldn't it be great if it turns out to be more?

I love a good scandal.

Are you hoping Juan Pablo finds true love on The Bachelor?


Images via ABC/Twitter

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Joy Hudson

he is not going to be happy with any of them. I think he would be better off and send them all home now.

Heavy... Heavy_Pipe

Crap season of The Bachelor. ABC picked a dud and there are no decent Bachelorette candidates either.

Debby Daud

Get rid of the Clare she is a drama queen and total bitch!


Panther7 Panther7

Nikki is the snotty bitch not Clare!!

nonmember avatar Miss Curious

Ha! Are her boobs bigger than the size of her head!? Plastic surgeons should really steer clear of that mistake!

Sandra Blake

Wonder what she is hiding in her bra?  It is so unnatural looking.


Lori Gwisdala

I am sooooo bored with him as the bachelor......who cares!!!!

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