Kristen Stewart Is Going to Hate Robert Pattinson's Drastic New Look (PHOTO)

robert pattinsonWhoa! Robert Pattinson was spotted shooting his upcoming movie, Life, in Toronto, and there seems to be something glaringly absent from his face: His signature scruff! Yep, Robert Pattinson shaved off his trademark goatee. And, unsurprisingly, he still looks hot.

While Rob looks good without his typical 5 o' clock shadow (like he always does, duh), I've gotta be honest here, guys: I don't think Kristen Stewart is going to be feeling this. KStew seems to like her men with a little scruff on their faces -- she's definitely not the clean-cut type.

So, Rob, I urge you to quickly grow some facial hair back before Kristen comes and visits you in Toronto. If you're making an effort to win her back, may as well go balls to the wall, friend.

Do you like Rob's new look, or do you prefer him with some scruff?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar pieper

I agree with Kriste Stewart, with a beard is better. This photos that is terrible.

nonmember avatar Sharron howard

Wow he look good i dont thank he need it i love him the way he is

Nichole Read

I think rob looks good no matter what his look, and she shouldn't care that much hes got a great personality. it shouldn't just be all about the looks relationships based on just that either never last or are always fake!!!

nonmember avatar hellome

No matter what rob is always hotttt. I really want robsten back plzzzz. Kris be more faithful and you both will rock.

Kaleah Hunter

Anyway! and I don't think it will matter to her either..its for the movie...its like her having to play dress up for movie, adds etc...not something that will be an everyday thing...give a couple days of NOT shaving and it will be back!

Shirley Sorrow

Yeah, he gets a 5 o'clock shadow way before 5 o'clock.  I don't think Kristen will care.  I mean look at the guy.  Who wouldn't want that???  I think it's time for them to get back together, hide out and let the patz and the story tellers starve.  I hope she does go to Toronto.  They have so much more peace there.

Caryn Burton

Considering they haven't been together in approaching 10 months, I don't really think it matters what she thinks of his physical state.  The number of people who put any kind of faith in the 'news' you report is disturbing.

nonmember avatar jeannie

You people will write about any do not personaly know what kristen likes or doesnt like..she made five movie's with him clean shaven so I would guess she likes him like that also..

Brenda Hamilton

I just read an article stating that she loves his look for this movie.  I believe that she does like it.  He looks more like a man than a homeless kid.  Caryn, you do not know if they have seen each other in the past months unless you have been a fly on the wall or in Rob or Kristen's pocket.  Just wish the best for them because I believe they are perfect for each other.

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