The Truth Behind Bruce Jenner's Changing Looks Finally Revealed!

bruce jennerBruce Jenner has been a hot topic lately. From his long ombre locks to even longer nails to Adam's apple surgery, let's tell it like it is here: People think he's in the process of becoming a woman. But Bruce has stayed surprisingly mum on the subject, never giving as much as a one-word answer to the paparazzi who pester him on a daily basis. So is he having a sex change? I mean, his changing looks plus his silence sort of make it seem like he is.

A close friend of Bruce's spoke to People about what's going on with the reality star, and as it turns out, what Bruce is going through is quite different from questioning his gender.

Bruce's friend called the sex change rumors "absurd." "Bruce has never expressed interest in becoming a woman," the source said. Supposedly, what Bruce is going through is "an identity crisis."

"Bruce is definitely concerned with his looks and always has been," the insider said, adding that appearing on Keeping Up With the Kardashians all these years "made him even more hyper aware." Apparently, Bruce just wants to keep a "youthful look," so he's doing what he can to do so.

Well, there you have it, folks. No sex change; Bruce just wants to look young and fresh. Well, at least this is the story now. I'm sure next week, it'll be a whole 'nother ball o' wax.

Do you think Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman?


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Ann Dorman Knowles

Do readers think Bruce is becoming a woman?  These articles are so dumb.  It might make the news if he does. But until he announces it you are just adding to the rumor mill.  How about a new survey? See how many people read this article and thought it relayed one useful piece of infomation?  Or ummm..... how about who really even cares?


Johnny Cirrito

Quit trying to be something you are not!

faith... faith2009123

He wants to be a ho like the rest of his sick family!! They are a disgusting bunch!! Yuk!!!

Patricia Beavin

He is stupid & so are the rest of the Kardishens or whatever I sick of all these stupid reality shows bring back some good old fashion family shows gee

Cindy Dean

he looks like an old old wowan so all his work isnt working should have just kept what god gave him just saying

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