Philip Seymour Hoffman Left Everything to Mimi O’Donnell With 1 Condition

The contents of late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s will are being reported, and it looks like he wanted t make sure his family was taken care of. He left everything to his estranged partner Mimi O’Donnell.

The will was apparently written back in 2004, when the couple only had one child, now 10-year-old son Cooper. Little sisters Tallulah, 7, and Willa, 5, later joined the family, although it doesn’t seem as though Hoffman’s will was updated.

Hoffman made clear that he did not want his children raised in Hollywood. He stipulated that Cooper be raised in Manhattan so that “he could experience the culture, arts, and architecture that the city provides.” He also listed Chicago and San Francisco as possible alternatives, but made no mention whatsoever of Los Angeles, despite Hoffman’s frequent trips to Tinsel Town.

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The request shouldn’t be too difficult to see through, as the family is currently residing in downtown Manhattan. Hoffman lived in nearby Greenwich Village at the time of his death.

Hoffman was an involved dad, often photographed around town chilling with his kids. He once reported to Us Weekly: "My spare time is really about hanging out with my kids … If I'm free, a good chuck of that is going to be thinking about how to hang out with them."

It’s no surprise that he wanted to make sure they were taken care of.

How would you want your kids to be raised if you were gone?


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For starters, his will is not "conditional" -- everything is left to the estranged girlfried, period.  He's REQUESTED that she raise their son in Manhattan, but she does not have to do so in order to get the money. He suggests 2 other cities if Manhattan is not possible, or even just visiting twice a year in a "worst case scenario".  But there are no strings attached.  She is not legally obligated to do this.  She could move to Tuscaloosa or the Congo and still inheirit.

Get it right.

ds79 ds79

Thank you SLA28. Sometimes these articles are horrifyingly forced.

nonmember avatar TrustinGrust

If I pass on, I would like my kids to be raised in downtown Manhattan to experience the art, culture, and architecture that the city provides

mamma... mammajigglypuff

They're 2 other kids, so they will probably awarded a Gaurdian Ad litem, to make sure they get what their's.

Diane Davis

It depends if it is a will or a trust that the money is left in that stipulations may be set forth.  Most individuals of weath have all assets and funds in a revokable trust; even though it doesn't say that, I am betting that those stipulations where placed in a matter that must be met to receive the assets and funds. 

colts14 colts14

I've asked my brother and SIL to be guardians if anything happens. Wherever they live is entirely nup to them.

nonmember avatar Done Being Nice

If he was really concerned about his children he should have thought about not doing drugs. It was a selfish, selfish thing to do, dying like that.

coffe... coffeefreako3

I think he was killed. It is funny. Bags and bags of heroin and he dies from one needle still in his arm? Yes, I'd be looking at premeditated murder. But, the will won't go l8ke that anymore since he has two more children since then.

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