'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Really Jumped the Gun With Nikki Ferrell

nikki ferrell juan pabloGoing into this season of The Bachelor, I don't think any of us could've seen just how many cringe-worthy, disturbing, and brainless missteps Juan Pablo was going to make! At this point, it's like a running gag -- except it's not at all funny. Especially where his daughter Camila is involved. One of his most recent ridiculous moves we can't stop talking about: Introducing Nikki Ferrell to his daughter and baby mama in Miami on this past week's episode. SO premature! What in the world was Juan Pablo thinking?! (Or ugh, maybe the question should be was he even thinking at all ...)

Well, both he and Chris Harrison tried to explain what was going through JPG's mind when he decided to introduce one of his several remaining "girlfriends" to his little girl.


In self-defense, Juan Pablo explained on his People blog:

For [this week’s second one-on-one], I needed to bring somebody who I felt a strong connection with and who would appreciate my surprise of meeting Camila. ... The reason I decided to take Nikki was because she has been making me feel more and more comfortable since Vietnam.

Uh, okay. Meanwhile, he was also pretty comfortable with Clare, and Sharleen, and Renee, no? But okay. And of JuanPabs introducing Nikki to Carla, Chris Harrison wrote in his TV Guide blog:

Is it right to meet [the ex] on one of your first dates? Lord no. [But Carla is] a part of his life, and that's what you marry into.

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He elaborated to EW:

Back in Venezuela, it’s not a big deal at all to meet someone’s family early on, and in fact, from what JP told me, it would be odd not to. [Nikki] handled it well, but what an uncomfortable moment that must have been.

Pfft, who cares what it was like for NIKKI?! I'm more concerned for Camila, who was likely confused by the whole bizarro incident.

I get that JPG may be used to making family a part of the equation with his novias right off the bat, but this is not your run of the mill, everyday dating situation! Not by far. And given the actuality of the situation -- that he's currently dating several women -- his actions made it seem as though he had already picked Nikki. He gave her a special privilege and did something with her that should have only been reserved for a serious, monogamous relationship. And yet, he had deep regrets about going too far too soon with Clare! Man. The way he crossed the line with Nikki not only looks much worse ... but SO loco.

What do you think about Juan Pabs' decision to intro Nikki to Camila and Carla?


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