'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Really Jumped the Gun With Nikki Ferrell

nikki ferrell juan pabloGoing into this season of The Bachelor, I don't think any of us could've seen just how many cringe-worthy, disturbing, and brainless missteps Juan Pablo was going to make! At this point, it's like a running gag -- except it's not at all funny. Especially where his daughter Camila is involved. One of his most recent ridiculous moves we can't stop talking about: Introducing Nikki Ferrell to his daughter and baby mama in Miami on this past week's episode. SO premature! What in the world was Juan Pablo thinking?! (Or ugh, maybe the question should be was he even thinking at all ...)

Well, both he and Chris Harrison tried to explain what was going through JPG's mind when he decided to introduce one of his several remaining "girlfriends" to his little girl.

In self-defense, Juan Pablo explained on his People blog:

For [this week’s second one-on-one], I needed to bring somebody who I felt a strong connection with and who would appreciate my surprise of meeting Camila. ... The reason I decided to take Nikki was because she has been making me feel more and more comfortable since Vietnam.

Uh, okay. Meanwhile, he was also pretty comfortable with Clare, and Sharleen, and Renee, no? But okay. And of JuanPabs introducing Nikki to Carla, Chris Harrison wrote in his TV Guide blog:

Is it right to meet [the ex] on one of your first dates? Lord no. [But Carla is] a part of his life, and that's what you marry into.

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He elaborated to EW:

Back in Venezuela, it’s not a big deal at all to meet someone’s family early on, and in fact, from what JP told me, it would be odd not to. [Nikki] handled it well, but what an uncomfortable moment that must have been.

Pfft, who cares what it was like for NIKKI?! I'm more concerned for Camila, who was likely confused by the whole bizarro incident.

I get that JPG may be used to making family a part of the equation with his novias right off the bat, but this is not your run of the mill, everyday dating situation! Not by far. And given the actuality of the situation -- that he's currently dating several women -- his actions made it seem as though he had already picked Nikki. He gave her a special privilege and did something with her that should have only been reserved for a serious, monogamous relationship. And yet, he had deep regrets about going too far too soon with Clare! Man. The way he crossed the line with Nikki not only looks much worse ... but SO loco.

What do you think about Juan Pabs' decision to intro Nikki to Camila and Carla?


Image via ABC

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Micca Theobald

I strongly believe Nikki is J.P's best option, more of her pics here, she is super sexy! http://wagcelebrity.com/tv/nikki-ferrell-pediatric-nurse-contestant-bachelor-season-18/

youth... youthfulsoul

Nikki is trash. Can't stand her.

Bobbi Jo Parr Simon

Did you see how Camillas mother looked at Nikki?? I was embarrassed for Nikki she looked like a cheap hooker trying to fit in, her outfit was less than attractive to attend the recital in let alone meet family members. Nikki is fake, an attention hound , less than sincere and extremely negative. I hope JP sees her true colors soon and sends her on her merry way. JP made a huge mistake taking her to meet his daughter, in fact it would have been a mistake for him to have taken any girl to the recital right now. This show is just a game and publicity stunt for him, he isnt truly seeking a relationship right now.

Sandra Blake

I think it well well.  Nikki did a great job fitting in.  I'm sure it was hard on her.  And we - the tv audience-  do not see all of the dates of the girls.  I think he has already decided on Nikki or Sharlene at the time and was  moving it all along.  He is looking for a wife and mother - not just a person to take to the movies, etc.  Of course she needs to meet the child.

Sandra Blake

I wonder if Juan tells the girls what they should wear when he tells them they are on the date.  Nikki was not exactly dressed for a dance recital.  although now days, you can almost wear anything you want to.  I notice that on some dates you dont see the girls taking clothes but they change a few times during the day so they must take clothes with them.

nonmember avatar Denise

I think it went well but I think JP should have td her to dress up a little. If that was me I would have felt underdressed and subconscious. She was dressed for a day at the beach not knowing he had bigger plans for them.

Stacy Goodwin Pitino

I auscually so agree couldn't of said it better !

His X gave gave her Such a look seems like from the Look She Still Loves JP !

And her out fit I would of been embarrassed , especially meeting the parents !

how many cringe-worthy, disturbing, and brainless move JP made ! I can't belive I don't want to Kiss and let my daughter see that behavior ? Oh "have you daughter see theses woman be hurt by her daddy kissing all of the girls , Poor sensitive JP what a flipping player and I'm sorry really ! The tears he put on oh my not believable !

I thought he was so good lucking and his accent ! But now JP is a liar a player and ahhhhh ! So contradicting !

To Kiss or Not to kiss !

I don't feel it ,

Gerry Napier Conyers

I think he should have not introduced any of the girls yet. It made the other girls feel really bad I am sure. I don't know who he is going to pick but some of them do not seem to be ready for a daughter to take care of.

Frost... FrostyMelted

He is so terrible. Deport him.

Rebekah Ann Millward

Nicki is childish, so is Clair, Renee is the best choice, although, to good for Juan Pablo-  I would love to see her as the bachellorite -  Renee and Sharleen  stayed composed and did not participate in all the drama-  Andi  is dull-

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