Robert Pattinson Caught Looking So Fresh, So Clean & So Smokin' Hot!

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Robert Pattinson Um, have you seen the latest pics of Robert Pattinson taking the web by storm? I feel weird saying this because the dude kind of looks like one of my brothers, but he is majorly workin' it in the face department! Seriously! Check him out, dude got a nice little haircut and a freshly shaved face. It takes years off of him, in a good way though! He looks relaxed and refreshed, nowhere near as careworn as he has in recent photographs. What's behind his sudden transformation from ragamuffin to raging hunk?

No, it's not to win the heart of some new broad, nor is his stubble-free complexion meant to send any sort of message to Kristen Stewart (other than the same message it's sending us of his extreme beauty). Pattinson got all neat and tidy for a new role in the movie Life, where he plays a Life magazine photographer set to shoot some photos of James Dean and then all of their clothes fall off and they make out and also Brad Pitt is there for some reason. This warms our hearts for two reasons. Reason the one, he looks excellent. Reason the two, clearly the rumors of his quitting the acting game have been greatly exaggerated. By me, even.

Do you like Rob clean-shaven or scruffy more?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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ap58 ap58

Rob is so gorgeous

nonmember avatar elizva2014

Wow - in a place meant for women, can't you think of a better word than referring to anyone as a broad? It's demeaning, not hip.

Ellenj49 Ellenj49

Very handsome.  He looks so much better in a clean shaven face.  His hair looks great.  Love his hair longer.  Thumbs up for this one.👍

Ofry Arad

dont know you well enough,you look special, wllways, take care, i ador you

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