Kim Kardashian Won't Ever Stop Defending Kanye West's Outrageous Comments

Kim KardashianWe've heard of standing by your man, but this is just ridiculous (picture me drunk and in a white leisure suit while writing that opening, like some old-school and terrible comedian -- one you might find on a cruise). Clearly Kim Kardashian loves Kanye West very much. She's had his kid, they're getting married -- this ain't no case of puppy love. But that hasn't stopped Kim from acting like a brainwashed high-school girl when it comes to talking about Kanye's outlandish behavior.

When stopped by TMZ recently, Kim accused their team of having, as Kanye mentioned, an issue with them as a couple because they're of differing races. Kudos to the TMZ crew for not dropping their cameras in a fit of eye-rolling so epic it could move mountains.

The logic Kim spouts is totally ludicrous. It's like she's not even thinking for herself. It's becoming clear that Kim runs the very real risk of losing herself in this relationship -- and she doesn't even seem to mind! It's actually kind of scary.

Do you think Kim's lost her voice in her relationship with Kanye?


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nonmember avatar gsandra614

Kim was never taught to respect herself or her body. These women define themselves by the men in their lives; they pick men on the low end who are not an intellectual or spiritual challenge. The inter-racial choice is complex: part attention seeking/social in-your-face & part social equity because they feel more comfortable with the rapper/athlete bad boys & subculture lifestyle. Instead of being appalled at Kanye's comments about oral sex & telling him that he can't talk about her like that, and breaking off all contact with him, she defends him! He humiliated her in front of millions of people. She has totally subjugated herself to this crude, rude, brutish person. She has debased herself for so long with so many men that she has forfeited her identity to avoid the one thing these women fear: being alone. Khloe is flailing around with no seeming interest in learning about herself. All these women float from man to man so they can avoid the hard work of self-identity and self-worth. They are looking for someone to make them happy. They are fantasy-driven. The only way people find themselves is to get out of the life and the place they are now, do a lot of reading and quiet reflection, & devote more of their time to helping others. How are they going to handle the overwhelming regret from a life spent in a series of debasing relationships?

Ryan Wasney

Why can TMZ say ridiculous things about her all the time with no backlash but she can't say ridiculous things about TMZ?

Ryan Wasney

And gsandra614,  you can't go around saying that these women (the Kardashians) jump around from man to man. Khloe is going through a divorce after a 4 year marriage. Kourtney has been with Scott since about 2006. And Kim has had a series of relationships, all long-term. About 4 in the past 8 years.

And you can't determine the validity of someone else's relationship and experiences. Stop judging and let live. 

emera... emerald0689

I agree Ryan wasney....

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