Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend Has a Kid & His Situation Is Eerily Similar to Jenelle's

Nathan Griffith and daughter Emery
Nathan Griffith and daughter Emery
Well, slap me silly and call me Susan. Nathan Griffith, Jenelle Evans' baby daddy, already has a child of his own. Like a real, living, breathing human child, not a dog or a cat. What the what, right?!

A few days ago, Jenelle and Nathan spent the day together with their two kiddos, Jace and Emery. The pair took their little ones to see The Lego Movie and then hung out the rest of the day at Nathan's family's home in Myrtle Beach. Cute! But there's a not so cute part, too: Nathan's parents have custody of his daughter, just like Jenelle's mother has custody of Jace.

On one hand, it's great that neither Jenelle nor Nathan is going to be a first-time parent, as everything is such a shock that first time 'round. But on the other, uh, anyone else find it alarming that two people who don't have custody of their kids are having another?

The good news is, though, that Jace and Emery seem to get along like gangbusters. Jenelle posted a super adorable pic of Emery giving Jace a ride in a wheelbarrow, so there's no need to worry about whether the step-siblings will get along or not. It's like they're already besties.

But cuteness and adorableness aside, guys, not gonna lie: It's a little concerning that both Jenelle's and Nathan's parents have custody of their kids.

Do you think Jenelle and Nathan are going to be better parents this time round?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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nonmember avatar j

Janelle is in the process of getting custody back of jace actually and I believe nathan is starting to work on it too for his kid.. so why don't you guys just stop jumping to shit and actually do your damn research and leave janell alone!! She is doing so much better so stop naggimg at her.

nonmember avatar Anna

LOL @ you acting like their kids getting along is some kind of world's greatest soul mates/world's greatest future parents sign between the two of them. Courtland's daughter, Jordan (who he lost custody of when she was only a few months old) played with Jace too and Jenelle posted pics of that too, constantly, as some sort of "proof" that they'd all be "one happy family" bahahahah!

Krystyn Horn

Maybe they wanted to have another child that their parents couldn't take away from them. Also, by proving they can care for their new child they might be able to persuade their parents to change their minds.

Anna Moseley

That they couldn't take away? Yes because their middle aged parents want to raise preschoolers when they of retirement age? Nathan has 4 DUI's and lost custody of his kid after driving drunk with her in the back seat. And does Jenelle's long history of fighting, drinking, and drugging behaviors even need to be noted? Do you really think they are poor pitiful victims of some sort of evil kid-stealing parents?

Also you don't bring a living, breathing human being into the world just to prove some sort of point. What taking care of a newborn isnt (gasp!) all sunshine and lollipops and this baby doesn't prove your point?? Oh well! just pass the new kid off to grandma and maybe try again with a new guy and baby in a few years.   bahahaha!!

nonmember avatar Guest

Kinda just feel the need to point out that it's Nathan's baby momma's parents that have custody,not his

nonmember avatar Janice Bryant

All I can say is I hope everything does work out for the both of them. People can change and everyone deserves a second chance. For everyone's sake I hope they are all happy!

nonmember avatar Djg

Everyone deserves a second chance? This does not apply to parenting with someone you dated for 2 months. How about getting married to tie him down. Oh wait... She tried that and marriage is far too big of a commitment and doesn't work. This girl is notorious for her extremely poor decisions and it hasn't been nearly long enough to say she's changed at all. She needs to stop hoping from man to man, stop using any and ALL drugs to self medicate, and start some extensive therapy to figure herself out /learn to love herself.

nonmember avatar Cool Mom

This isn't a 2nd chance. Have you see her 13 mugshots, the most recent one being from December? Have you seen her dead in eye responses to her friend asking her why in the ever loving fuck is she planning a second cash cow, I mean child...? She won't have this new kid for long, not if CPS has anything to do with it.

nonmember avatar Lis

It's stupid that two people that have yet to gain back custody ( I don't care if they're "working on it" or not)of their first children think it's a genius idea to have another one. If they actually had their priorities straight, their attention should've been on the kids they already have.

Ameli... AmeliaBedelia9

How do you know that Jenelle is "in the process" of getting Jace back? B/c Jenelle says so in social media. Don't you know that Jenelle has mental issues that include lying? Nathan is NOT in the process He has lost his license due to his 3rd DUI and has a court case coming up. Who would give a child back to a man who is obviously an alcoholic? And getting a girl pregnant who is still married and just had an abortion that he just met 2 months prior? NO BODY! Jenelle might be sober from heroin but she isn't sober from smoking pot or cigarettes during her pregnancy, both which harm the baby she is carrying. These two could continue their "progress", if that is what you want to call it, without bringing an innocent baby into the mix. Continue to be sober, work   on getting custody of your children back, get an education.

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