Lamar Odom Is Officially Done With America

lamar and khloeStories about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom getting back together at this point all sound like beating a dead horse. Since we're not into abusing animal corpses, let's admit that it's never going to happen. In case you were harboring any delusions about a romantic reunion, here's some news about Lamar sure to quell them. Lamar is leaving America and headed to Spain. No, he's not going on vacation. In fact, Lamar's European adventures are all business and definitely hint that he's getting his act back together. Good for him!

Lamar's career has started to slowly turn back around from being non-existent to being totally bad-ass. While he hasn't returned to playing with the big boys in the NBA, Lamar's definitely headed back to the court.

He's signed a deal with a Spanish basketball team, and if all goes well overseas, and he manages to remind people of his great skill in addition to proving his trustworthiness, a future back on USA soil and back with the NBA isn't out of the question at all. Here's hoping this is just the first of many signs that Lamar is serious about getting his life back on track. Go Lammy, go!

Do you think this is a good sign for Lamar?


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nonmember avatar nin

I'm from Spain and never heard of the team he signed with, it certainly is not a top team at all.

Rachel Tanoa

Awesome to hear Lamar, despite what's happened over the last year or so, it's a blessing to hear, you are getting your life on Track! As much as I am a Khloe fan I am also a Lamar Odam fan. The love you both shared was a REAL LOVE, a love that only really happens once in a lifetime. I have read the papers, seen the mags, and read countless comments regarding your marriage, drugs, infidelity and the list goes on....The real REALITY CHECK is you can give a person an ultimatum, to seek help, for what ever crisis is happening in ones life, get told to GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, but UNLESS your in that DARK HOLE it's only YOU that can pull yourself back. To many times those that are closest to us are the ones that get hurt, it's just a shame the LOVE that both you and KHLOE had was not strong enough to help you get through your darkest days!! It's a shame really cause I actually thought Khloe would have fought a lot harder. Yeah.....yeah..... Yeah suppose I'm gunna get some HATERS cause of my comment, but really who the fuck are we to judge your marriage, life, your LOVE.....end of the day, we as fans have a choice to SWITCH THE TV ON/OFF.

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