Kate Middleton's Cute Joke to Famous Celeb Shows She's Crazy Confident

kate middleton On Monday evening, Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth hosted a Royal Academy of Dramatic Art Reception at Buckingham Palace. The Duchess and Queen mingled with esteemed celebs like Helen Mirren, Helena Bonham Carter, Joan Collins, Angela Lansbury, Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman, and Joely Richardson. And it had to have been a little intimidating -- for both Kate and the celebs. (Queen E is intimidated by no one. Except Voldemort.)

However, the Duchess managed to play it completely cool while yucking it up with the world famous celebs. In fact, Kate even made a joke to Dame Helen Mirren.

"My husband called you Granny last night," Kate quipped to Mirren. The joke was in reference to the fact that the previous evening, at the BAFTA Awards, Prince William said he felt that he should call Mirren Granny after her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in 2006's The Queen. Cute!

Over the last year or so, Kate seems to have grown much more confident in her royal role. It's hard to imagine her cracking such a joke shortly after becoming part of the royal family. And look at her now -- joking around with Dame Helen Mirren like they're a couple of gals on Sex and the City.

Whatever you're doing, Kate, keep it up. It's working like a charm, sister.

Do you think Kate has gotten more confident in her role as Duchess?


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kate middleton


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nonmember avatar Ashleigh

I started following Kate properly after her engagement and can honestly say that Kate has changed so much since then. She seems to be embracing her royal role whilst remaining her own person. It's good that she feels comfortable in her self. I think we are seeing the beginnings of who she really is in moments such as these. Happy to discuss more.

nonmember avatar Ellen

Crazy confident? What a stupid headline. Of course she is more confident, but that "quip" is just embarrassing

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