'50 Shades of Grey' Trailer Will Be Released Earlier Than Expected


jamie dornanAccording to reports, Fifty Shades of Grey is almost done shooting. The film, which is set to be released Valentine's Day 2015, is ahead of schedule and will wrap about a week early. One of the movie's producers, Dana Brunetti, recently wrote, "Back for the last week of 50" on his Facebook page in reference to the fact that it's just about wrap time for the flick.

Shortly after Brunetti's posting, fans began peppering him with the one question that's on everybody's mind: When will the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer be released?

Brunetti didn't answer but that didn't stop fans from badgering him. "So now it's trailer time #waitingwaitingwaiting," said one fan; while another remarked, "So, we can start a countdown for the trailer?"

I'm guessing since shooting wound up ending ahead of schedule (which is rare), the trailer will be released a lot sooner than we anticipated. Is it crazy to hope for something by end of March/early April? Come on, Brunetti! Break your silence! Inquiring Fifty Shades of Grey minds are dying to know. Don't you think we've been patient enough?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for the Fifty Shades trailer?


Image via Jamie Dornan/Instagram

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I cant im only aloud 1500 characters 

None-Ya Delgado

I just don't know anymore. The whole process has me confused. First, we spend months waiting for final cast choices, then the male lead drops out. Then, we're given actors we do not recognize, finally they can't decide when to release it. I feel all of this build up will be for nothing. I guess my rating is a 7.

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