Kanye West's Wedding Plans Raise Giant Red Flags About a Future With Kim Kardashian


Kim and KanyeKanye West is a master-showman, so it's not exactly surprising that when it comes to planning his wedding to Kim Kardashian, he isn't going to settle for anything less than total spectacle. I mean, lest we forget, the dude wanted to tie that knot at Versailles. Because the French castle has served as nothing but a positive omen for those who dwelt within its walls (lolololol, jk, don't hate, Marie Antoinette's ghost -- I'm just playin'). That hasn't slowed 'Ye's roll. He's planning something epic and totally surreal for their special day.

While he's proven himself to be a romantic, it sounds like love and commitment are two themes getting lost in the shuffle. Kanye's more focused on creating an event people will remember forever. While that's all well and good, shouldn't he be more focused on making the day special for him and Kim? It sounds almost like he's forgotten it's a wedding, if this source's comments are to be believed:

Think fashion runway, stage show performance. Think avant garde. Think nothing like you’ve ever seen. Kanye’s saying, "This is a concept event based on a wedding."

Yeesh. A concept BASED on a wedding? That sounds super-compelling, but maybe less like a ceremony joining two people together. Here's hoping that in all the planning, Kanye hasn't forgotten what really matters.

Do you think Kanye's lost perspective?


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Clare... ClareMarie89

Gosh ur rele obsessed with Kim aren't u? Ur constant doing articles about her over silly stupid stuff especially her upcoming wedding.

nonmember avatar Fedup

Kanye is making a mockery of what marriage stands for. He could care less about the vows. He just wants to have an extravegant show just for ratings. We all know his popularity has gone downhill since gettting hooked up with Kim. Case in point: His concerts no longer sell out unless they cut the cost in half! Hes a Has-been. And when they do get married, I bet she will be terrified of him and his temper, because that ugly beast will definitely raise it's head to her someday! They are both pathetic, money-hungry nobodys!

nonmember avatar Mhm

if they want to talk about kim and kanye's wedding the whole time let them. at least they know how to spell. no one forces you to read it. i agree kanye's a total douche and kim is being controlled by him. but as i said no one is forcing you to click read and comment on these articles...

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