Jenelle Evans Threatens to Quit 'Teen Mom' Over Kailyn Lowry

jenelle evansJenelle Evans isn't happy. The Teen Mom 2 star recently got into a Twitter war with Kailyn Lowry over allegations that she's been drinking and smoking throughout her pregnancy. The tweets have now been deleted by both girls, but Jenelle apparently ended the argument by tweeting, "#TeenMom2 is about to be cancelled altogether cuz I’m about to quit #Dunzo."


Although there's currently no trace of the fighting words by either girl, Kailyn did leave this on her Twitter page:

Things must have gotten heated between Jenelle and Kailyn to make Jenelle threaten quitting -- even though, let's get real here, people, we all know there's no way Jenelle would ever quit MTV. She loves being famous way too much. Also, who's to say MTV would cancel the show if Jenelle left?

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Anyway, glad to see the girls squashed their issues, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super curious about the words that were exchanged. If there ever were two different types of mothers, it's Jenelle and Kailyn. I bet their claws came out.

Do you think MTV would cancel Teen Mom if Jenelle Evans quit?


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Angela Atkinson

I wouldn't put it past Jenelle if she was drinking and doing drugs. I hope to god she does better by this child than she did with her son Jace. Makes me mad that these girls are suppose to be role models but I wouldn't want my daughter thinking of Jenelle or Farah as any type of role model. Jenelle mainly sorry.

nonmember avatar angela

I'm so sick of Janelle!! I was really on her side when the show first started. She is selfish!!!! Me, me , me.... enough, she needs to grow up. Obviously this girl has issues. She decided to get pregnant after knowing her bf 2 weeks??? Mess:(( @kailyn- keep doing you:))))

nonmember avatar Felicity

I think they should kick them both off kail for telling on jenelle and jenelle should be kicked off for smoking and drinking while she's Pregnant go on ahead and kick Chelsea off to and just make it leah!!!

Tracey MommyofTwo

why is she mad about the truth? I feel for the children!

nonmember avatar DDM

Angela - obviously Janelle has problems. She's bipolar. That's not an easy disease to deal with. She could be a lot worse. At least she's trying to be normal. Plus, most bipolar people try to self-meditate to deal with their symptoms.

nonmember avatar katie

Being bipolar is not like having cancer. She its hard but you dont have to act as outlandish as she does. I myself am bipolar yet i do not do drugs to self medicate I just have really great support systems to back me up and solid ground of morals and home training to stand upon.
Being bipolar is no excuse.

Emily Mayes

Kailyn ought to stay out of Jenelle's affiars. Yes, they are castmates, but other than the seasonal reunion episodes, Kailyn and Jenelle really don't have anything to do with each other. Kailyn is one of the best mothers on the show and has worked very hard to progress in a positive direction since the birth of her son. She's too classy for Jenelle and certainly too classy to get in a verbal war on the internet. 

As for Jenelle...if child services hasn't paid her a visit since TeenMom2 aired, then shame on them. She shouldn't be allowed to have children. Anyone can give birth, but some people just don't have the wear-with-all to be a mother. 

Ashlee Crook

It's their lives and their choices! So leave Jennelle alone, damn! No I don't think it's right one bit for her to be smoking and drinking while pregnant BUT we have no prove that she has/is doing this, so why is there so much shit being said about it. It's very possible Jennelle pissed Kailyn off so she decided to start drama and made some shit up to make her self look better. Yes Kailyn is a great mom but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her moments of being immature and doing/saying irrational things every once in awhile. This is all pointless drama that NONE of us should even care about. It's not affecting our lives/children/jobs or whatever. It's jenelle's business, not Kailyn's, mines or anyone else's. Find something else that's worth being pissed about, like what our government is doing to us or go smoke a bowl and get the fuck over it! *End of Rant*

nonmember avatar Jenna

OBVIOUSLY Kail wasn't making anything up. If there's anything that Jenelle has consistently proven on the show, it's that she doesn't care about anything & anyone, besides herself. Anyone who thinks she'll actually step up to this kid, is just as delusional as she and her bf were, thinking they should actually start trying for another kid. Anyway, it's about time someone calls her out so publically for being a grade A dumba**! Way to go, Kail! & no way would the show be canceled if Jenelle left anyway. No one likes her. Her part of the show is the part that makes me want to pull my hair out, every single episode. It'd be nice not to have that feeling any more. She's not a mom anyway.. I'm so confused as to why she's still even getting camera time.

nonmember avatar Jenna

This isn't true. It's on Kail's page that the above tweet is photoshopped. None of this ever even happened. bahaha.

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