12 Incredibly Hot Christian Grey Shots Guaranteed to Make You Sweat (PHOTOS)

jamie dornan poster fifty shadesNow that Fifty Shades of Grey seems to be about 50 percent done filming, it is hard to believe there was a time when we had no clue who would portray Christian. Eesh, at this point, it's even hard to envision Christian as anyone BUT Jamie Dornan! (Well, I'm sure there are some diehards out there who are still making fan trailers featuring Ian Somerhalder, which is cool, but that's definitely just a fantasy ...)

No matter what team you used to be on, it's become more and more clear that Jamie will satisfy fans' desires. Here, 12 "Christian Grey"-esque photos of the actor that show just how smoldering he'll be in the role ...

Image via Universal Pictures

fifty shades of grey start slideshow


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Mary Grasso

sorry he just does not make me see Christian Grey:(

Yandra Yandra


Karen Recla

    He just does not do it for me.  Yawn...   I will continue to watch White Collar repeats to see my beautiful CG.

Lori Martinson Cyples

Vest?  When did Christian EVER wear a vest?  Still think he makes a really good Christian...just disappointed in some of the details.  These people should have read the books!!!

Sherry Quinterolopez

Sorry, he doesn't do it for me. Guess I'm still holding out that the casting director will figure out that Ian was the one who got away. Not even sure I want to see the movie anymore.

deadl... deadlights86

Wow could he be any uglier? Totally ruined what little that movie had going for it. Go watch Secretary that is Mr. Grey.

Stacy Montamble Lott

Still wish I could get on board with him, but sadly no! He is hot, he is sexy in some of those pics but he is NOT Christian Grey.

nonmember avatar Ginger Weaver

Sorry, he's NO Christian Grey. I guess I will wait to see it on Redbox :'(

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