'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Should Dump Renee Oteri ... So She Can Be the 'Bachelorette'

renee oteri bachelor Even though "Juan-uary" has come and gone, it's hard to believe The Bachelor is actually onto hometown dates already! That means before you know it, Juan Pablo's disappointing, annoying, cringe-worthy, chauvinistic "aventura" to find true love will be over, and we'll know which of his ladies will be lucky enough to move on and dole out her own roses! And it looks like Renee Oteri, the single mom and realtor from Sarasota, FL, who is by far the least neurotic and most grounded contender left standing, would be more than game!

When YourTango recently asked her if she'd be okay with becoming the next Bachelorette if she doesn't end up being given Juan Pablo's final rose, Renee replied:

Yes. If it doesn't end in my favor ... I do want to fall in love. I do want to get married. I do want to have kids, more kids. And that's my ultimate goal. Obviously, I'm hoping that this does work out for me — trying to not think too far ahead of that.

Wow, if that sweet, media-savvy response wasn't enough to woo ABC, I don't know would be! By playin' those cards so close to the vest, it's obvious she has this game down pat. Plus, she's the fan favorite from this current season. Well, at this point, we're actually hoping she doesn't end up with JuanPabs, because a.) she deserves better and b.) she'd be the perfect Bachelorette.

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Sure, there's been buzz that she may not get the gig, because ABC won't want to do back-to-back seasons of single parents. But why not? She, unlike Juan Pablo, actually seems so self-assured as a parent that she doesn't constantly talk about her son. I'm sure he'd be a part of the picture, but I get the feeling she wouldn't be using him to her advantage the way JPG has used Camila.

So, load up the roses for Renee, ABC! I have a feeling she's one Bachelorette all of Bachelor Nation will be rooting for -- from start to finish.

What do you think about Renee Oteri as the next Bachelorette? Or would you prefer to see someone else get the gig?


Image via ABC

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Sandi Adam Taylor

I think its an excellent idea ! Renee is very beautiful and deserves to find some one OTHER THAN JUAN PABLO !

Joy Hudson

i would like to see someone else become the next bachorette.



Elaine Deines

Great choice. She is too good for Juan Pablo

Rhonda Desjardins DesRosiers

Renee all they way, that is just common sense.  She is still young and yes a Mom so she know what she wants out of life!!!  She is not in it for the game she is in it for love.  Team Renee!!!


nonmember avatar morgan

I though Chelsie was a great candidate for Juan Pablo.

Panthip Poljuntuek Mason

I am team Reene, i would love to see her for the next bachelorette


Roberta Howard

No thanks.. I really have a hard time with people with children exposing them to all the STUFF that goes on in front of the camera and behind... Taking 2 many chances when u involve the kids..

nonmember avatar Debbie

Renee all the way!! She is way to GOOD for JP.

nonmember avatar Debbie

Renee all the way!! She is way to GOOD for JP.

nonmember avatar kim

Renee is my choice..she was my favorite from day one but if she doesn't get Juan Pablo

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