Kylie Jenner Channels Kim Kardashian by Taking a Sexy 'Butt Selfie' (PHOTO)

kylie jennerKylie Jenner is becoming more of a household name these days, wouldn't you guys agree? It seems like every time I switch on the ol' laptop, there's Kylie, doing something super Kylie. A lot of her newfound fame appears to be from the fact that something kinda sorta looks different about her face lately, and that she's been posting more, um, interesting photos of herself to her social media accounts. Take this photo of her butt, for instance. It's fairly attention-grabbing. Definitely a convo starter. Also, it totally seems like something Kim would do. 

Kylie, you're a beautiful and smart girl -- please don't feel you need to go the route of your older sister!

If you take a gander over on Kylie's Instagram page, her pics seem to be getting a bit more racier in recent months. There are lots of sultry selfies, cropped tops, and, um, butts to be seen. I know that being sexy and self-obsessed is sort of the Kardashian mantra, but I really hope Kylie doesn't feel this is the only path to fame.

There are other ways, Kylie! Don't succumb to the land of duck faces and butt selfies. You're better than that, sister! And don't forget, once something's on the Internet, it's on there forever. Like this post. Oh Lord.

Do you think Kylie is trying too hard lately?


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram



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Judy Tarver

Ha ha....what butttt?    she is sticking it out and looking to see if it's out far enough. 

Dan Hurteau

Kim still has the hottest booty ever!!

angel... angel1964sle

Why are you or any other ADULT starring at her A** anyways and why is it on your laptop as soon as you open it.


Shes a CHILD...

At least shes not Exposing herself like her sisters.

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