'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Makes Nikki Ferrell & Andi Dorfman's Friendship Really Awkward

Nikki FerrellThis season of The Bachelor is finally getting interesting. Between the Clare drama, Sharleen eliminating herself, and Juan Pablo unable to have an actual conversation with anyone, it's safe to say there's a lot going on. But what stands out most to me is the friendship developing between Nikki Ferrell and Andi Dorfman.

I can only imagine the amount of shit they talk about Clare when the cameras aren't rolling. But still, you have to admit they're cute together. I mean, just LOOK at these adorable photos:


Aside from the fact that these two give off a little Mean Girls vibe (I definitely wouldn't be allowed to sit with them), their friendship seems pretty solid. But now the million-dollar question: How the hell do you become best friends with someone when you're falling in love with the same man? Going back to that Mean Girls reference, you're not supposed to mess with your bestie's dude. That's just, like, the rules of feminism.

Call me Sharleen, but this friendship is a little inorganic. Juan Pablo clearly has a connection with both of them. He's going to meet both of their families. How does a friendship survive when you're rooting for your friend to get dumped so you can find happiness?

I can't be the only person confused by this chick-mance.

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Someone fill me in on how this could work?

Images via Nikki_Ferrell/Twitter

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Maryl Murphy

I think they understand the situation is different. Juan is going to pick the one that he wants best. **** I don't see Juan getting married to anyone. My prediction is this season is not going to end up well. He will pick someone, they will date for a while, and then break up.

nonmember avatar emma

i dont think they are mean girls, i think they are honest and not a lot of people have the confidence to own that.
ps. i hope they really are talking shit about clare. she is totally psycho.

nonmember avatar robyn

I like clare and shes there for juan and is going for it. Who cares if the other girls like her or not. He and clare have the physical attraction going for them...but i dont think he has a Love connection with any of them. I highly doubt he is with anyone after its all said and done.

Roberta Howard

They can be friends.. What happens if neither get picked. U have to have some support in the house.. Certainly will not be from Clare...

Gayle Stratton

When it came to the Rose ceremony last night , and all the girls were wondering who was getting the rose. You could see love, true love for this man only in 1 girl. 2 of them had resentment in their eyes, 1 had content in her eyes. The one girl he sent home had wonderment in her eyes. Renee, she has shown kindness to every girl and has stayed out of the Drama most of the time. She has been the go to girl when someone needs to talk. Her eyes were truly showing Juan Pablo, that she is truly in Love with him... Lets hope that he can see it too!


nonmember avatar Danyelle

Catherine and Lesley Murphy from Sean's season were best friends on the show. Lesley was even on of Catherine's bridesmaids at her and Sean's wedding. So friendships can last once the show is over.

nonmember avatar Jen

Leslie was in Sean & Katherines wedding...girls can be friends despite that.

nonmember avatar dandy

because it is completely fake- the show not their friendship-honestly I think the only real reason any of the past couples that came out of the bachelor/bachelorette shows are the people that just wanted love and to be loved. My point is just that its for the most part all a crock. Entertaining at times but really? Just because someone is single, and good looking doesn't mean that every single girl is ACTUALLY going to be into him for a real relationship. I'm sure neither of these girls actually really wants to be with Juan Pablo and are just enjoying the ride together.

nonmember avatar jean ramsay

Pretty sure that they are laughing at how much fun they are having traveling together, and avoiding Clare. Nicki called JP her boyfriend though, and for her to do that means to me that Andi is okay with not winning...she wants to be The Bachelorette. Renee is nice, but just so blah, bland and boring. She is probably a GREAT person, but not great for reality TV.

Susan Marie Liegel

I think he should get rid of all the head case children and stick with the one who isn't there to play games, or who has been there for all the girls, watched them shed their tears and all that crap! They, (Nikki, Andi, and Clare should ALL be sent packing and he should already just know which of the ladies is there for the right reasons!! Renee has been the only one whom has had NO crying issues, NO issues with any of the other girls and has appeared to be the only REAL lady there this whole season!!! If Juan Pablo doesn't pick Renee, who you can clearly see is in love with him then he is a bigger fool than one thinks. Renee has been the go to girl for ALL the others to talk to and truely listened to what they had to say and didn't play games with them, she told them what she thought and to me she seems to be there for the right reasons and has a good head on her shoulder's!!!

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