Kate Middleton Does Something Completely Disgusting

Kate Middleton She might be utterly royal in practically every way imaginable, but don't let the tiaras and jaunts to tropical islands fool you -- Kate Middleton is still very much an average girl at heart. Blasphemy?! Maybe. But don't blame me for it -- blame Kate! She was recently photographed taking a stroll with the Prince and her pooch. Wearing a completely casual ensemble, she did something every dog owner does without thinking twice about it. She picked up the puppy's poop and threw it away.

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Commence the pearl clutching! A princess coming into contact with fecal matter?! Publicly?! Oh the humanity! I know if I were a princess, touching dog poop -- with protection on my hand or otherwise -- would be a thing of the past. But that's why I'm not a member of the royal family and Kate is. She's got a good head on her shoulders and her feet planted firmly on the ground. Like Diana before her, Kate is the people's princess, and by doing something like this -- something everyone of us who's owned a dog has done -- she's reminding us that just because she can wear a crown in public settings doesn't mean she thinks she better than anyone else.

If you were royalty, what pesky chores would you ditch?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Annette Gunther

OK She's a responsible human being BUT she is a Duchess and not a Princess yet,

nonmember avatar Summor

Good on her girl! everyone moans about dog pooh on the floor but no one picks it up so she did! So what she picked up her dogs pooh just shows she is so normal like all of us, I love Kate and think she is a perfect princess... ✨

Penelope Gardner

She is already Princess William of Wales

nonmember avatar angie

Kate I think ur one in a million,very special and what I really like is the fact that u show a real love for ur pets.widh there were loads more people like u.

Princess kate the best princess ever

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