The Crazy Moment NeNe Leakes' Disastrous Downward Spiral Began (VIDEO)

My goodness. Between Atlanta, Beverly Hills, and New York City, we had so much Real Housewives gossip to cover that I had to put Mob Wives on hold for a week! Don't worry, I'll go back to them next week. But in the meantime ...

In today's exclusive video below, I go in DEEP over NeNe Leakes' behavior. I heard you loud and clear in all the comments last week and am excited to hear what you have to say this week! I explain why I think Kenya Moore made a tactical error behind the scenes and how similar things have happened in NYC.

We've got Kandi Burruss and Mama Joyce, we've got Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards, and Lisa Vanderpump, and ALSO the sneak preview of New York City!   

Let me tell you also about something I had to cut from the video for time. I loved seeing Yolanda Foster with not only her daughter but also her ex and current husbands. It's rare for reality TV that we see former and current spouses all chatting together -- she gets major originality points there. I do have to ask WHAT that orange jumpsuit was all about -- is she auditioning for a certain hit Netflix series?

Exposing strategies, whether cast or crew, is always fun when deconstructing reality television. There's always another layer to pull off, and this week I go beyond event attendance to all the ways you can legitimately AVOID an event, including some I've used myself.

One of the dirtiest, nastiest tricks in the Housewives handbook involves women going after other gals' husbands. I hate it. Do you know what I'm talking about? I explain.

What else? Brandi is fighting a losing battle if she chooses to beg for Scheana's removal. She is now a valuable Vanderpump Rules castmate, so that will never happen.

And New York. Taglines, boyfriends, and legs ... oh my! Oh, and viewer questions! Watch below ....

Do you think NeNe made a big mistake with the way she behaved?


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nonmember avatar MRS

Your hair. Distracting.

Beth Merryfield

Great review, Alex! It was a fun week of housewives tv for sure!

Darla Jay

I love your point of view alex...keep up the good work

Judy Tarver

Is everyone over Ne Ne like me?   All I see are teeth and horse laughs and evil witch trying to hurt people.   BRAVO...time for her to go!

Torra... TorranceMom

Regardless of Kenya's true intentions for throwing her little "Masquerade Ball," the money raised there was going to one of NeNe's charities.  NeNe should have represented her charity with class and accepted the money graciously.  NeNe's issue with Kenya's behavior at her "Pillow Talk" function was a completely separate issue and should have been dealt with privately.

Cynthia Beaumont

I like watching your video's on YouTube better there is always a audio problem here . 

I can't believe you did not comment on the disgusted comment Aviva's father,we were both disgusted by it! He is so low class and should not be on the show,a real pig!

Oh boy has Nene gotten a big head reminded me of dear Bethenny's I am up here you are down there comment! 

I can't stand Brandi and now she is turning on Lisa ! We love Lisa next week looks very nasty Poor Ken looks very upset. There all so jealous of Lisa so they want to tear her apart,but Ken and Lisa are like Frank & Claire from House of Cards there always one step ahead and will land on there feet! 

Question : When was this upcomming season of NY Housewives taped? How much real time has pasted sinced it was filmed? Did they already film the reunion for it ? Thank you. 

I love your hair! 

Delores Hammond

NeNe appears to have gone grazy,since she is no longer a Glee star,and the other show in Calif.Kim is no longer there to be her whipping post.She perhaps feels threaten by the others,especially that Fake Ass Kenya Moore,her only claim to fame Ms.USA,Fake African Lover,noone has seen,just like Walter remember him.
NeNe's husband Greeg what is his claim to fame,what type of business is he in(drugs, because that's way NeNe acted as if she was tripping off of something other than wine?The show would be better off without her,Kenya,Peter.

Kathy Carter Woods

At this point I love the recaps more than I like most of these shows.  I've completely given up on BH's. Altanlta is inching closer to the shark (though it's not quite jumped it yet) and NY - Who CARES!

Nene has certainly gotten too big for her britches.  Apparently she has yet to realize that fame comes and goes all too quickly.  PLUS, she can't act.  I hope she's banking her money.  Before she knows it she'll be yesterdays news!

RE: Bethenny's show cancellation - good for her.  I'm glad its gone.  She didn't seem to be having much fun.  Plus word on the street is that it was hurting her brand.  I'm sure she'll do something else.  Hopefully out of the public eye.  There's no room to worry for Bethhenny.  She'll be just fine!


nonmember avatar Nancy

First, I firmly believe NeNe instigated the "pillow talk" fight by bringing up the fact that Kenya made the comment about "girlfriend/common law wife." There was no need to rehash that. Yes, Kenya should have remained seated but that man did grab her arm. So even though Kenya was no angel, it all points to NeNe. I believe NeNe does not like Kenya because she is stealing her "spotlight" at RHA. NeNe's "better than everyone" attitude is getting very old and she either should not have attended the charity event or at least been more gracious in public and dealt with her feelings in private. NeNe is always angry and since she seems to want nothing to do with the other housewives, she should just leave the show. Greg looked like her servant at the charity event. I do not like Peter but I was glad he told NeNe that her behavior at the charity event was horrible. I think they need a whole new set of RHA housewives because the current story lines are boring and old.

Tommy Valentino

Alex Mccord, I am begging you to define feminism in one of your videos. It is extremely obnoxious that every time a male disagrees with a woman on Real Housewives, the woman either plays the victim or says "This is between you and my husband." My 54 year old mother agrees... That's actually condescending to women. Feminism means that men and woman are treated equally, not that woman have a special pass not to be criticized by men.

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