New Photo of Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele Leaves Us Desperate for More

50 ShadesYou don't have to go far to find the main image of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, in a suit, back to us, that has been used to promote next year's release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. It's been slathered everywhere, including the back of our own eagerly anticipating eyelids. But we haven't gotten to see quite so much of Dakota Johnson in character as Ana Steele. I'm pleased to report that's all changed now. The movie released a killer pic of Dakota totally working it on their Facebook page and our only complaint is that there's just the one!

In the photo, released to mark the official start of the one-year countdown until the movie is in theatres, Dakota, dressed as Ana, stands in the doorway of Christian's office, paperwork in hand. She wears a long, beige trench over a little black dress, her hair draped casually over her shoulder. She looks nervous but intrigued -- and she should! She's clearly mid-conversation with Grey if her hand gestures are anything to go by. The whole shot tells a story -- one we all know pretty well. If this doesn't get you stoked for the movie, I don't know what will!

What do you think of the new photo of Dakota as Ana? Like or loathe?


Image via Instagram

fifty shades of grey


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nonmember avatar Elizabeth

DESPERATE FOR MORE!! Are you kidding me. She looks old, photoshopped to death and she is just standing there with a look of nothing....In addition to this they placed her way in the back so that we could not see her ugly bags and wrinkles and the fact that jamie is almost the same height as her. Distance make big things (Dakota) seem smaller. NOPE...not fooling me and I will not spend my money on this ****!

Sin Corazon

Elizabeth  get i life!!

nonmember avatar ha!

Elizabeth, you do realize the actress is actually 24 years old right?

Sandra Sanni Johansson

I have a fear that Dakota will be the new Kristen Stewart - goofy look, empty eyes and just akward...

nonmember avatar sasha

@ha! umm yeah duhh she's 24 but she looks way older geez the comment did not say she was older it said she looks old...

and sin corazon,why wont u get a life,your always hanging on every fsog article defending Dakota,even on facebook!

nonmember avatar ness

lol, honestly what is E.L. James letting this FSOG team doing with her characters? Besides Jaime, practically nobody else fits their parts. How the hell do they not clearly see that she looks no where near 22 years old. She doesn't even look her own age. She looks way too old for this part. She is too tall, and there is nothing innocent looking about her. People waited a year for this movie, and somehow they have just chosen such a blah actress for the lead.

nonmember avatar EM

All because Dakota doesn't exude that movie star hotness that everyone seems to be expecting I believe that the haters should give her a chance. I'm respecting the fact that she is a third-generation Hollywood actress. I't takes a lot of confidence and guts to accomplish such a coveted role given that so many people have certain expectations from the book. I congratulate and support the beautiful Dakota Johnson 100%. I wish her the best of luck on this new fame and I hope she keeps true to herself with the "big dogs" of Hollywood.

nonmember avatar nesquick

Why is her face blurred?

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