'Orange is the New Black' Season 2 Premiere Date Released in Teaser (VIDEO)

Yes! We are just months away from watching Orange is the New Black again, though we'll still have to wait and get through this cruel, cold winter in order to see Crazy Eyes, Red, and Piper back in action. The Netflix drama/comedy will release all of its Season 2 episodes on June 6 and a super-short, but exciting teaser gives us a glimpse at what we can expect -- hint: the rumor's about Laura Prepon's exit from the show, sadly, seems to be true.


Laura's captivating character Alex doesn't appear in this trailer, but to be fair, that doesn't mean a whole lot, given how speedy it is. According to the show's creator, she will return for a little bit, and with hope, will disappear in some exciting, dramatic fashion that pushes the show forward.

When we last saw the girls, Piper was proving to us that she's either a lot less pure than she has let on, or prison has turned her into a demon. After getting her hands on a screwdriver, she takes revenge on Pennsatucky for her continuous bullying, and just like that, has either become a murderer or has given the girl the beating of a lifetime -- it isn't clear which. Red has been thrown out of her beloved kitchen by Officer Mendez, or Pornstache, who is just an amazing character, Daya is having a baby with Bennett, who seemed like he loved her until he found out she slept with Mendez so she could accuse him or rape, and Nicky and Alex get intimate.

There also seems to be no hope of a reunion for Piper and Larry after he discovered she pursued Alex, and not the other way around. And Piper has lost most of the friends and support she had in prison, including Healy. With nothing to lose, we can only imagine the kinds of things Piper will be capable of this season -- and the look she gives in this teaser is evidence of that.

Check it out:

Are you looking forward to Season 2? What do you think will happen?


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