Sean Lowe Saved Himself for Marriage to Save His Reputation

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Sean Lowe

In case you haven't heard yet, Sean Lowe just had a new movie come out for the Christian nonprofit group, I Am Second. Wait, don't get too excited yet. It's not a movie move -- more like a short nonfiction film about his life.

(I know. Totally cool.)

Anyway, guess what one of the topics he covers in the film is?

Yep. He explains why he decided to become a born again virgin -- and you're honestly not going to believe his reasoning.

He says:

I would feel extremely guilty [after sleeping with someone], but after that guilt faded, then I would start talking to some other girl and go down the same path of destruction. It's been a great thing for me. I didn't give in to my sinful nature.

Uhhhhh ... what? 

His "sinful" nature? Sorry. It just sounds so strange when anyone refers to premarital sex as a sin these days. (Spread the love, people! It's 2014!)

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But let's talk about his comments before the "sinful" thing. I'd like to paraphrase what he had to say, if you don't mind. How shall I put this?

Basically, he'd sleep with a girl, then feel like shit about it probably because he had no intention of getting remotely serious with her. But then he'd say, "Aw, to hell with it!" -- and bang another chick and repeat the cycle over and over again.

OMG, people! Sure sounds like our boy Sean was a serious player back in the day, doesn't it? No wonder he wanted to dial things back a bit once he got into the reality TV biz. Think how scarred his reputation would have been if he hadn't held back during his season of The Bachelor?

Dang. Now that the truth has been revealed, it's obvious that Sean is a whole heck of a lot more savvy as far as working reality TV to his advantage goes.

Well played, Sean. Well played.

And I guess it's safe to assume his ladies' man days are over? Let's hope so. Otherwise Catherine Giudici may have wound up getting the raw end of the deal in marrying him.

Do you think Sean used to sleep around?


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curly... curlycues

So why are we making fun of other people's beliefs? If you teach/preach/speak about "tolerance" one should expect it to be applied across the board. I find the entire tone of the article shallow and rather pedantic.

sassy... sassykat122

CURLYCUES... Agreed. I may not go with the idea myself but i deeply respect and admire people who do decide to wait until marriage and am so tired of the "mainstream" acting as if it isn't any more valid a lifestyle as sleeping with multiple people.

Dania Elisse

wow two posts in one day about Sean! so, what happened with you wanted to go take a shower the other day just because Sean made a joke comment about his sex life? it's ok for you to bring it up but he can't? you are such a hypocrite! everyone has a pass deal with it! 2 articles in 1 day this is ridiculous let the man leave his life! you ladies are so immature please act your ages!

Dania Elisse

*past and his wasn't even that bad!!

curly... curlycues

Exactly sassykat. Why is it any more "enlightened" to sleep with a dozen or more people before settling down? Why is saving yourself for one person somehow become strange? I have to wonder why it is that makes some people so uncomfortable.

Bobbie Smith

No more so than others. He admitted he had a an 8 year affair with a black woman but he did not say if he cheated on her. In a way he did because as he told Emily he had no intention of marrying her. That is what I though he meant by he would feel bad later because he was cheating her out of being with a man who had a plan to marry someday. Now he can become an evangelist.

nonmember avatar me

So first were making fun of him for being virgin, now were making fun of him for having had sex with women before marriage? Geez, its his penis, he can do as he sees fit with it, I dont know how thats anyone elses business than his and whoever lady is at the receiving end.

nonmember avatar Taben

Why does it matter that he dated a back woman or a "blck girl"?

nonmember avatar Jasmine

I'm kind of sickened by your article, Mary. What gives you the right to sit back and think you know why a person changed their life? Spread the love? Really? ....I'm proud of Sean for realizing he had a problem and taking the steps to fix it. I too did the same thing. I realized that it wasn't right and that God did not put me on this earth to waste my time sleepign with people. I'm pretty positive that Sean did it not for his "reality TV reputation" either. You obviously know nothing about his family or his love for God.
Shame on you!

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