Is Robert Pattinson Behind Dylan Penn's Breakup?


Dylan PennDylan Penn may have thought she left the rumors of a romance with Robert Pattinson far, far behind her when she took up with actor and Vampire Diaries star Steve McQueen. Little did she know all she had to do to get the rumor mill going yet again was to end her brief courtship with the dude. Now the Internet is all a titter, speculating that Dylan ended things with Steve in order to start things back up again with Rob. The scandal of it all! And also, the ridiculousness! Poor little Penn can't catch a break! 

There isn't one whit of proof to back up claims that the romantic entanglement of Penn and Pattinson (also an excellent name for a folk duo, if anyone's looking) is back on again -- or that it was ever, to be honest, even on. All it took was a couple of photographs of Rob and Dylan and the Internet exploded and then started eating its own tail so great was its delight at the idea of this lanky blond-ish couple being a real thing. Dylan's always said that there was nothing going on between the two, and from all accounts, her split with McQueen was beyond amicable. So either she's telling the truth and is the least dramatic person on the planet or she's doing a damn good job at keeping all her cards close to her vest.

Do you think Dylan broke up with Steve for Rob?


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nonmember avatar Heidi

I think everyone should leave her alone. Who she date or see is her business. If her and her boyfriend want they will make it public..

nonmember avatar No Name!!

I don't think that if it's true. But she also denied that she's dating Rob. She say that she's not dating Rpatz.. I think that they are not good item and been called it quit last December

Ofry Arad

suxes , anyway..... its abit hard to follow you robert , isnt it?


Ellenj49 Ellenj49

She never dated Rob.  From her mouth.  Stop the BS.  Move on!

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