Jenelle Evans' Obsession With Farrah Abraham Has Officially Gotten Creepy

jenelle evans farrah abraham
Two stand-up ladies.
Okay, now I certainly don't want Farrah Abraham's ego to get any more inflated than it already is, but Jenelle Evans, like, literally can't stop tweeting about her. It's getting weird.

If you feel like having an ultra depressing Valentine's Day, head on over to Jenelle Evans' Twitter and take a leisurely scroll. Yes, there are tweets about other Teen Moms, too, but there are a lot of Farrahs up on Jenelle's page. Jenelle even tweeted about how Farrah may be lying about her parents' abuse. Like, why?

It's totally understandable that Jenelle wouldn't be president of the Farrah Abraham Fan Club (dear god, tell me that doesn't exist) after the snarky remarks Farrah made about her pregnancy, but enough already, Jenelle. We get it. You don't like Farrah. The only thing you're doing by constantly tweeting about her is making her more famous. Do you really want that?

I didn't think so.

Whose side are you on: Jenelle's or Farrah's?

Images via Jenelle Evans/Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Michelle

Yeah I don't like Farrah either yuck or janelle But hey if they wanna talk about each other let it be

Amy Adams

Jenelle does somethin everyday that shows how pathtic she is and how she has not changed. She is pregnant and should worry about her kid but we all know from how she raises jace she dont put her children first.

Laura Van Melle

Whatever. I'm still Team Jenelle on this. Farrah's a scumbag, and Jenelle can say whatever she wants about her. It's not like she's threatening to kill her.

YolandaR YolandaR

Neither side. Why is anyone choosing sides? So we now need to chose the lesser of two evils?These are two young women that are incapable of making sound decisions. Unable to raise their own children in a healthy environment . And why are we all glorifying their deplorable behavior? No sides should be chosen here. They should be set aside and given guidance. Help with advice and education. Helping hand on raising children.

sexym... sexymom37

Janelle has no room to talk about anyone.The both of them have issues. 

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