'Walking Dead' 'Inmates' Sneak Peek Includes a GIANT Leaked Spoiler (VIDEO)

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Walking DeadAs much as I was looking forward to it, the Walking Dead midseason premiere was just okay for me, dawg. Too much teenage petulance, pouting, and pudding-gobbling. I'm feeling a little more hopeful about this week's episode, though. From what we can see in the teasers, "Inmates" is going to turn its focus on the other survivors' fate -- including Sasha, Tyreese, Glenn, Maggie, Beth, Daryl, Lizzie, and Mika. Plus, it's rumored that by the end of the episode, we'll meet the three new castmembers.

I've got all the "Inmates" teaser clips for you to check out -- and you guys, I've also got one hell of a leaked spoiler to share. Don't worry, I'll provide plenty of warning beforehand, so you can read up on the official info then click away so you don't ruin the surprise.

Let's start with the promo clip, which gives us a quick glimpse at the characters we'll be checking in with on Sunday:

The "Inmates" title comes from that creepy sign at the beginning:

Which is actually sort of accurate, since they DID just escape a prison. Although we've seen what happens to hitchhikers on The Walking Dead (RIP that one guy).

Lots of action going on in that clip, including Sasha stating that they should definitely not be splitting up because she has totally seen this horror movie before, and Glenn lying in dire proximity to a bunch of walkers while screaming "MAGGIE!" Entertainment Weekly shared some promo images a while back that give us a better look at Glenn's situation, which can basically be described as "not good":

But they also shared this awesome shot of Glenn decked out in RIOT GEAR, so we have that to look forward to:

Here's another clip of what Daryl and Beth are up to:

Jeez, Daryl, why don't you just put on some Cure and go join Carl in the Emopocalypse? I hear they serve pudding there, and it tastes like not giving a fuck. Fortunately, I'm guessing it's not long before Daryl's forced to shake off his malaise, since the other video seems to imply Beth gets attacked by a walker pretty much straightaway.

Ugh, Beth, you're supposed to USE that big-ass knife.

Looks like a ton of stuff going on in episode 10, and if you want to learn the fate of one more character, here comes the spoiler. Thanks to a foreign promo that showed a little too much and one fast-thinking viewer who posted the clip, we have a very very quick look at somebody who was left for maybe-dead during the midseason finale.

Seriously: BIG spoiler ahead. WARNING. PLENTY OF ALL CAPS STALLING SO YOU CAN STOP READING IF YOU WANT. La la la la la la la are you still here? Are you sure you want to know? All righty then.

Here's the clip, and here's a fairly crappy-looking screenshot:

Sure looks like Tyreese is carrying Lil' Asskicker, doesn't it? What up, baby Judith! High five for not being turned into a zombie snack!

Are you excited about this week's Walking Dead?

Images via AMC, Entertainment Weekly

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nonmember avatar andie

"I hear they serve pudding there, and it tastes like not giving a fuck. " BAHAHAHAHA! I love your reviews, Linda! I agree with you about last week - meh. But I'm excited about finding out what happened to the rest of the group, especially Maggie and Glen.

nonmember avatar bette

Judith is alive? Uh, not sure that's such a big spoiler. Her empty carseat would indicate that. Otherwise we would have seen a little baby biter somewhere along the way in the last episode.

nonmember avatar Jdawg

Haha I LOVED that quote too.

nonmember avatar Christina g

Bette I think you missed out on rick and carls reaction to seeing her BLOODY car seat, meaning they thought she was eaten, as in whole, meaning no little walker. People become walkers after being bite/scratched or dying of natural causes remember? Anyway I knew of this because of the spoiling dead Facebook group, since they actually see the people filming the the twin babies are there! Can't wait for some reunions!

Angela Hurst

I never thought the baby was dead, even though book wise she should be. Since we didn't see her get eaten and didn't see any evidence I assumed they were jut trying to ake us think she was dead.

Michele Riv

So what was the spoiler you alluded to before the one about Judith. Who was left behind, possibly dead?

Lucas Elliot

It was already confirmed by Andrew Lincoln and one of the writers that Judith died.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

You can not tell what he is carring at all for one thing. Also their was notthat much blood in the car seat.

I would also like to add they did not confirm the baby was dead they actually said when asked if she was okay replied didn't you see the blood in the car seat? and refused to say any more.

We will find out when they are ready to show it. 

I personally feel the baby is okay for now, But may not be for long. Some sites did let out some spoilers if you do look hard enough. I honestly have no idea if I can even say the sits in here or not. 

One I will say but not say, lol its the site for scheduling from the channel that puts out the show. the other is an international movie site data location. I hope its vague enough.  I had fun typing it.

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