Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux's Valentine's Day Plans Sound Sad

Jennifer AnistonCould Jennifer Aniston be spending Valentine's Day all by her lonesome? It doesn't look good for Jen, as her fiance, Justin Theroux, continued to film HBO's The Leftovers in New York City, while Jen remains on the sunny West Coast. Plus, Jen already saw her February 11 birthday (she celebrated four-five) come and go without her studly fiance. So what gives? According to the Daily Mail, Jen and Justin are "barely communicating" these days and Jen is "furious" at Justin for dragging his feet on their wedding day. Ruh-roh! Could Jen be on the brink of yet another breakup?


A source whom the Daily Mail claims is a "close friend" of Jen's says:

2014 was meant to be the year in which they finally got married but now the wedding is as remote as prospect as ever. They're barely communicating right now and plans haven't advanced at all this year. Justin is in New York, Jen is in California and they've rarely seen each other since the start of the year.

Well, it would be difficult to be in touch every minute when one person is on a busy filming schedule, and both are thousands of miles apart. But this is how celebs roll. Could there be more to the story? The source also claims:

Jen is furious at Justin over his passivity on the wedding and there have been more than a few arguments on the subject recently. She feels like he's broken his pledge to be more proactive when it comes to wedding planning -- he consistently won't finalise agreement for a date and 18 months after they got engaged, she just feels he's been doing less than ever.

Now that's a big ruh-roh. A guy dragging his heels on setting a wedding date is no bueno. Guys hate confrontation, and they triply hate breaking up with you. I almost think they'd rather marry you than break up with you if they think you'll cry over it -- so it could be that Justin doesn't want to move forward but is being all wishy-washy passive-aggressive about it a la "Jen, let's get married!!! ... um ... someday ... you know ... one of these days ... hey, lady, what's the rush?"

But Jen has already said she has no problems with being unmarried and child-free at 45, so she probably doesn't care one way or the other. Besides, Jen looks amazing and could probably get any man she wants.

Justin, step up, my friend, or you might lose a great catch! And just in case these two really are already a done deal, Jen might want to check out all the things she shouldn't do on Valentine's Day.

Do you think these two are going to make it to the altar?

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