'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: Mama Reveals Something Troubling About Her Girls

here comes honey boo booThere's just one thing that Mama June desperately wants to change about her girls. They swear too darn much. Curse words fly when they are eating, playing, even while doing the laundry. As Sugar Bear tells it, "Sometimes it feels like I am living in a house full of truck drivers ... no offense to truck drivers."

Well, Mama comes up with a drastic solution for that in this episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo -- a swear jar. Sounds simple enough. But in the process of punishing the girls for their foul mouths, Mama reveals something shocking about her family.

She starts off with one rule -- with every curse word, you have to pay 25 cents. The person who swore the least would get to dine on a steak dinner while the others had salad. But she soon realizes that the fee is not enough to deter the girls from swearing like sailors. Then she adds another penalty: you have to pay 25 cents and eat a vegetable. Huh? Is that really so bad. And I'm not talking about a whole zucchini or something. It's like a small slice of cucumber.

But we quickly realize this is akin to eating cat poop to the family. When Honey Boo Boo slips up (she says "shut up"), she is given a piece of cucumber -- at the sight of it, she asks what it is. She actually didn't know what kind of vegetable it was. Kinda shameful, don't you think. Mama goes on to reveal that the girls NEVER eat vegetables. They are disgusted by them.

And it's not just the kids. When Mama lets a few choice four-letter words slip out, Sugar Bear brings her a small carrot. Her response: "Please Sugar Bear, I will give you a little bit if you don't make me eat the carrot." He didn't let her slide, which is a total shock considering the last two episodes all he wanted to do was get into her pants.

Later, when Mama has to eat a piece of broccoli, she spits it out, calling it "nasty." How can this family not like ANY vegetables. Talk about a super unhealthy diet. In the end, Sugar Bear, who didn't swear once, won the prize. He dives into the juicy steak while the others pick over their house salads. That may not sound so bad to most of us, but to them, it was torture. Vomitous. Cruel beyond measure. "I feel like I am in vegetable prison," laments Mama. You would have thought they were eating raw rat innards. Funny but totally ridiculous too. Mama should be encouraging healthier eating habits all the time, not just when they are being punished.

Do you think their diet is unhealthy?


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grayc... graycalico

Uh... Have you seen them? They're spaghetti sauce is ketchup stirred into melted butter.

momav... momavanessa

Why do people still watch this show???!

prplecat prplecat

If anyone tells them that ketchup is made out of tomatoes they'll never eat it again.

adamat34 adamat34

Sad sad sad

Rebec... Rebecca7708

EW! Ketchup and melted butter? Seriously? I've never seen the show.

N_mar... N_maricle

Doesn't know what a cucumber is? No wonder the family is obese. It's the parents fault for teaching their kids to live such an unhealthy lifestyle.

zombi... zombiemommy916

So what did she feed them when they were babies and toddlers??? Sketti and cheesy spoofs?

Laura Palmer

You know you were watching "here comes honey boo boo" right? I think you might be suffering from writer's block if this is what you decided to blog about....

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

I'm surprised they can even find vegetables where they live. The south is notorious for having more convenience and dollar stores than legitimate grocery stores.

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