Juan Pablo's Feelings About His Final Pick Don't Sound Promising

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Juan Pablo Galavis & ladies

Huh. As far as we know, Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis does wind up giving someone a ring at the final rose ceremony, which should indicate that he's happy, in love, and ready to start a new chapter in his life with his soul mate (or some sappy bullsh&% like that).

But get this one -- a source who supposedly knows him spilled the beans on how Juan Pablo feels about his final pick. The choice of words this person used are not exactly the most romantic thing we've ever heard.

Apparently things between Juan P. and his lucky lady are going just fine -- and he "really likes" her.

Wow. Isn't that just what every girl wants to hear out of the mouth of the dude she's planning on marrying?

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I mean, not that we don't want our husbands-to-be to like us -- but it's definitely more desirable for them to be falling all over themselves trying to accurately describe just how head-over-heels they really are.

Oh, wait a second, I know what's going on here. Duh. It's the whole language barrier thing again. In Juan Pabs terms, "really like" must mean "absolutely adore" -- or at least let's hope that's the case.

Because if he isn't truly in love with this chick -- it's going to be pretty tough for him to disguise his feelings on the "After the Final Rose" special. I don't care what your primary language is. If you aren't into someone, it's written all over your face. And body language speaks volumes too.

OMG. It's bad enough having to wait until the final episode to see who Juan Pablo picked (doing my best to avoid the spoilers) -- but something tells me hearing what he and this woman have to say after that last rose is handed out could prove to be much more entertaining than watching him get down on one knee.

Do you think Juan Pablo will find the love of his life as The Bachelor?


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nonmember avatar Suzy

I was gonna say that there is a huge language barrier with him. You can tell sometimes in the show that he is thinking real hard about how to say what he wants to say. That is something that his other half will have to get used to. My MIL has a language barrier and it took me a few years to really understand what she is trying to say to me. She means something different than the literal version of what she is saying. Same thing for Jaun Pablo

Linda Scherer

I highly doubt it. His daughter will always come first and therefore that will be a major problem. So, I doubt he picks one of his candidates that has a child as that would pose competition for his own daughter....He has a baby girl who knows everything going on so she's not an innocent princess - which is fine - jes sayin that I doubt he'd give a fiance enough time away from his kid so they could be close as a couple.....may stay girlfriend and boyfriend until she gets tired of answering to his little girl.

shajd... shajdinyak

I don't think the man has feelings. All he does is make out with everyone. I have never heard him say anything nice. I would not want to marry someone like that. I hope the woman thinks hard before she marries him.

Sandra Blake

I hear he does - but then he doesnt propose.  So  No.


Kim Schuh

I dont like him at all

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