Courtland Rogers Asks Jenelle Evans for a Divorce Via Twitter

courtland rogersThings are not so hot so with Courtland Rogers and Jenelle Evans right now. See, there's a rumor going around saying that Jenelle's nude photos were leaked by Courty B., which, understandably, really pissed Jenelle off. So she got even via breaking her husband up with his girlfriend, which, understandably, really pissed Courtland off. So he asked her for a divorce. On Twitter. 





Jenelle immediately responded to the tweet, lest you forgot she basically lives inside of Twitter, writing, "That was the plan the day we got arrested. Gotta wait until April buddy."

I suppose Courtland thought he was being being a bad-ass, asking Jenelle for a divorce in such a public forum, but dude -- the girl's pregnant with another man's baby. And she's living with said man. I really don't think she gives a shit about Courtland or his desire for a divorce.

Naturally, the two went back and forth a bit more on the social networking site, but I'll spare you the details in case you have something more important to do, like clip your toenails. Ugh. Aren't these two are the worst?

Who's side are you on: Jenelle's or Courtland's?


Image via Jenelle Evans

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