'Real Housewives' & Lady Gaga Video Is One Hot Mess We Can't Wait to Watch

lady gaga selfieFrom underperforming sales to failed music video productions to her misguided decision to record a duet with R. Kelly, Lady Gaga hasn't had the best luck promoting her latest album ARTPOP. With controversies about all the people she's fired and claims about mismanagement abounding, things are just looking downright dismal for the pop queen. Sad. But what's even sadder? She's clearly grasping at straws to reclaim her throne ... because sources tell Us that she cast The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars in her next "super-secret" music video.

In fact, the video was actually "built around" Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Brandi Glanville, Yolanda Foster, Joyce Giraud de Ohoven, and Carlton Gebbia, who are all set to be featured. Apparently, Gaga and the Housewives filmed together shortly after the RHOBH reunion special.

It's not SUCH a big surprise, considering how only last September, Gaga admitted to Andy Cohen how she's a major fan of the Bravo reality stars, gushing:

I really like Karent [Sierra, formerly of RHOM], because everybody hates her because she's gorgeous. And then I also love NeNe [Leakes], cause she's just really real. And Kandi [Burruss] 'cause the girl's written a lot of great hit songs. ... [I also like] Lisa Vanderpump. Mostly because she doesn't give any f--ks.

Uh, okay! Fair enough. And these days, we all have at least one reality show we'll 'fess up to fawning over, so why wouldn't Gaga? But for her to create her next video around the RHOBH cast ...? It really feels ... desperate. Trying SO hard to be relevant and current or attempt to send some big, meta message about pop culture or society or whatever.

It's giving me a headache just trying to figure out what this video's message would be. But I guess we won't have to wait too long to find out. Now that the cats (get it?) are out of the bag, the video must be soon to follow. 

What do you think about Gaga tapping the Housewives for her video? Desperate or brilliant?


Image via Lady Gaga/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Cinna Bunny

I see Gaga- bashing is quite the nouveau thing to do... Like stupid sheep the online community just jump on the bandwagon to discredit her. Yes, she uses bemusing antics to wow her fans, and yes in essence that makes her an attention whore, but no more than the writer of this article and the editor who approved this. The worst type of attention whore, is the one that uses the influential power of celebrity, and drags it through the mud, in the feeble hope of sparking controversy between opposing views and fans. So who is the biggest whore now? And if she is so irrelevant, then stop running these stupid articles. And is she is so sad, then why are you waiting to see her next video? Can someone say pathetic-blog?

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