Christian Grey Makes Sexy Comment That Makes Us Want Him Even More

jamie dornanAdmit it. Even if you weren't thrilled about the Fifty Shades of Grey casting in the beginning, you're warming up to Jamie Dornan. I mean, how could you not?! He's sexy; he's smart; and he knows exactly what to say to really get under our skin -- in a good way.

In a recent interview, Dornan was asked if he reads what people say about himself on the Internet, and he gave the perfect answer. Dornan said, "I'm not very active on Twitter, and I don't read stuff when people mention me. I don't think it's very healthy. You'll scroll down loads of good comments until you see something negative, and that's the only one you'll take on board."


Word, brotha, word. I mean, I'd be shocked if he never read anything about himself online (hi, Jamie!), but I like his philosophy about the Internet and fame. Not only does it make sense, focusing on the negative is something everyone can relate to.

You're a real man of the people, Dornan. A smoking hot real man of the people. Swoon.

Are you happy with Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey?


Image via Splash News

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