Pregnant Jenelle Evans Suffers Another Serious Health Scare

jenelle evansTime to get serious, y'all. Pregnant Jenelle Evans has a health issue and it ain't cool. The Teen Mom star apparently has a problem with her intestines, and she took to Twitter to share the news. "I found out something is wrong with my small intestine," Jenelle tweeted. "I have blockage and food or liquids won't pass through." She then alluded that surgery might be in order, saying, "[They] never know what to do with me cuz I'm pregnant and they don't want to risk anything. My point is I need to see my doc like I said and will ASAP when I get back [from Los Angeles] tomorrow."

Geez. Think what you want of the girl, but Jenelle has had a rough run recently. Not only was she just involved in a nude scandal, this isn't the first health issue Jenelle has experienced during her pregnancy. Jenelle was rushed to the hospital a few weeks ago after experiencing extreme nausea, and a few months before that, she had a miscarriage!

Get well soon, Jenelle! I may not be a fan of the general way you live your life, but I certainly don't like hearing about a pregnant lady with health issues!

What do you think of Jenelle's second pregnancy?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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nonmember avatar kassandra

She did not have a miscarriage! She had an abortion! She went it and got the abortion pill that makes you 'pass" the fetus similar to an abortion. There is a HUGE difference.

Aamy Aamy

Miscarriage ??? Didnt she JUST have an abortion ??

mamar... mamarosebug

Am I the only one who wants to punch the author? She did NOT have a miscarriage.....she took the ABORTION pill and it causes you to pass the fetus like if you had a miscarriage. How DARE you compare choosing to rid yourself of a baby to a miscarriage.....!

carlirae carlirae

This author is a moron.

Kimberly Rose Surratt

I am happy for her. everyone deserves a second chance.Get job changing your life around

Kimberly Rose Surratt

that last pregancy. I dont believe in abortions but having that child would have had a worthless father so glad she found someone to have a child and be a good father, she needs someone who is good to her. forget all them scumbags. she found happiness and her love and someone to help her stay straight 


m.ped... m.pedersen01

What they are airing now on the show is from at least 6 months maybe even longer then that. It is possible that she could have had a miscarriage after she had the abortion

Munch... Munchkinmomof5

That "miscarriage" the author speaks of IS the abortion she had-it was not a different pregnancy like the last commenter has implied. My problem is that she chose to have an abortion with the last guy but then decides to purposely get pregnant less than 6 months later with another guy you met and moved in with after 4 weeks?? I'm sorry but you don't get to pick and choose who you have babies with if you don't take the steps to prevent it. That baby is still 50% YOU no matter who the biological father is!! So when you decided to abort-did you think about the fact that you flushed part of yourself? You got rid of Jace's first true sibling. It seems like Nathan is a decent guy so far and I certainly hope he makes her stay on the straight and narrow path for the child's sake. But if history repeats itself like it tends to do with Jenelle, he may just have to take custody and care of the baby on his own and I pray he is smart enough to do that.

Also I am not a fan of Jenelle's lifestyle but I don't wish her any harm or health problems especially while carrying an innocent child that could be affected by the outcome.

nonmember avatar lana ray

If you guys paid attention months and months ago janelle posted on her Twitter that she suffered a miscarriage later on she got pregnant AGAIN and decided to get an abortion then she got pregnant again which is her current pregnancy and don't judge someone when u you haven't lived their life or been through what they have if she didn't want to carry the child at that time its her choice if your not the pregnant one butt out if you can't say it directly to her then shutup you don't have to carry the child she does so unless you were gonna gave the baby for her then stop ragging on her life and worry about your own you act lime she's hurting you directly

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