Rare Video of Kate Middleton at Fancy Event Shows How Confident She Really Is

kate middletonKate Middleton had her first royal engagement of the year on Tuesday at the National Portrait Gallery's Gala. The Duchess looked positively gorgeous in her deep blue Jenny Packham gown, which was complemented by a stunning diamond necklace and hair that was, as usual, perfectly coiffed.

But it wasn't her overall look that likely grabbed the attention of everyone at the event; it was her demeanor. A video of the Duchess at the gala has been released, and my goodness, does she look confident and comfortable in her royal role. We're so used to only seeing stills of Middleton, and while they're lovely, they really don't do her justice.

I'm not sure who the man is she's talking with, but Kate couldn't seem more at ease, breezing through the event while chatting it up with a fancy, distinguished gent. This gal's got the whole future Queen of England thing down. Work it, sister.

Do you think Kate is getting more comfortable in her role as Duchess?


Image via Splash News

kate middleton


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yiayi... yiayia0418

Sorry to say this, but last night's appearance was a miss in my opinion.  I think she's a beautiful woman, and she's really shown herself to be up to the task of being a senior royal.  As for last night, I think she should have stepped it up a bit for such a high profile and formal occasion.  She's the patron of the National Portrait Gallery, all eyes were on her.  The dress was beautiful, the necklace stunning.  She should have pulled her hair back rather than have it hang down her neck and into her face.  It actually looked kind of sloppy, and I really hate to point it out, because I've found her to be just lovely.  But she needs to style herself with more thought to the occasion and to the presence she wants to make.  I think if she hadn't worn that incredibly ornate necklace, the hair would have been ok (but just ok, not outstanding); but she presented herself somewhat inconsistently.  Borderline sloppy-looking hair coupled with designer gown and priceless royal jewels....incongruous. 

nonmember avatar monika

By the way her car stoped on a double yellow but I guess the royals can get away with everything...

Esteban Peñaloza

HRH Duchess of Cambridge will be remembered as the best influence among the holly blood of the Windsor House.
The queen shared with her diamonts, to show her trust on her garnddaughter in law. Sure the queen never shared her jewels ... did´nt her ... ?

Riadh Lambert

wonderfu nice princesse <3

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