Desiree Hartsock Reveals Wedding Date & It's MUCH Sooner Than Expected!

Desiree Hartsock Chris Siegfried

Now that all of the hoopla surrounding Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's TV wedding has died down, it looks like it's time for the next reality TV couple to step in and steal the spotlight.

And apparently that's exactly what is happening, considering Bachelorette couple Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried have set a wedding date.

Oh yes ... they have!

And guess what? It's SO much sooner than most of us were expecting.

Check out this photo Des posted to Instagram:

wedding date

Ok, so let's do the math. (And I suck at math so please correct me if I calculated this thing wrong.) She shared the pic yesterday, which means Des and Chris' wedding date should be right around June 21?!?

That's a Saturday, so it definitely makes sense. And in the past, Des said something about hoping for a summer wedding, so I guess she got her wish. Wait. The 18 hours thing is throwing me off a bit, so I guess it could also be the 22nd, which is a Sunday -- and coincidentally the perfect night for ABC to air their nuptials live.

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Oh come on. After seeing Sean and Catherine's lavish ceremony, you know Des and Chris are totally on board with airing their wedding on TV too and letting ABC pick up the tab.

But honestly, can you blame them?

Yay! Fingers crossed that we're all "invited" to another wedding as soon as summer kicks off.

Are you surprised that Des and Chris are getting married so soon?


Images via Instagram

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nonmember avatar Theresa

I'm just surprised they are still together.

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

No, but happy for them! She deserves happiness! I really liked her and would def watch Live this time! LOL

Marva Archibald

Mary Fischer, I believe you've been punked!!!!Haha.....

Geneva White

Des and Chris' wedding will be the only one I will watch,.They are a lovely couple and will make it, because I believe they truly love each other, .despite Chris Harrison's nasty opinion of them...


nonmember avatar Stephanie

Des and Chris already said her instagram was hacked, she had to make a new one. This isn't true.

Debbie Roberts Zace

I hope they don't shut the public off after the wedding.  I hope we get to see the reception too.

Marie Greenlaw

i wish them lots of luck they make a really cute couple


nonmember avatar carla

seems like Des and Chris have become as big as Molly and Jason when it comes to mooching. chris and Des are currently in Mexico on a trip paid for by the Bachelorette--along with the greatest mooches ever, Molly and Jason. Birds of a feather flock together--obvious question is why Trista and Ryan and Sean and Catherine aren't also riding on this gravy train. Yo ho ho! Here's to the life of being a grifter--unable to get a job on your own--holding onto the purse strings of an event that happened years ago. Do you imagine that anyone would have accepted a proposal from Jason if he told them his life long ambition was to sell sox? Where do they find these losers for this show--now Andi has decided to not go back to her job in Atlanta--more fun to be on an all expenses paid trip for life from ABC. I smell another million dollar wedding coming up.

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