'Teen Mom' Star Slams Chelsea Houska for the Weirdest Reason

chelsea houskaApparently, Teen Mom star Briana DeJesus is getting a reputation for her "tweet and deletes." DeJesus tweets something rude or unsavory and then quickly deletes it, as if it never happened. The victim of her latest tweet and delete? Chelsea Houska! I know!

Chelsea's dad, Papa Randilicious, and Kate Yeager were having a Twitter conversation about Autocorrect when, out of nowhere, Briana chimed in, telling Chelsea's dad, "Are you one to talk? Especially with a daughter like yours?"

briana dejesus

Like, what? How did Briana take things here? It doesn't make any sense at all. Chelsea's dad tweeted back to Briana, "SMH, no idea how that could have been misunderstood, but now I see #truecolors."

I'm guessing Briana somehow misconstrued what Randy and Katie were talking about and felt the need to take a pot shot at Chelsea, but ... I'm not sure how that happened? Their conversation seemed so innocent.

Whatever. Briana seems like a nice girl, but I think she ought to thoroughly read people's tweets before lashing out at them for no good reason at all. And in other news: Chelsea? We heart you.

Why do you think Briana wrote this?

Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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Linda Means

Briana Dejesus should stop attacking Teen Mom 2 girls. Briana doesn't know what she saying. Briana Dejesus needs help

nonmember avatar jessica sacks

Briana dejesus needs de jesus

Hunny... HunnybearSG

Briana Dejesus is a spineless, babied & whiney lil brat! She is also obviously brainless as well... She couldn't hold a candle to what Chelsea is capable of or what she has accomplished. She definitely needs to just keep her trap shut!

nonmember avatar Tiffany

I've never really liked Brianna she seems like a spoiled brat and she really shouldn't be dissing Chelsea bc Chelsea actually takes care of her daughter unlike Briana who has to have someone help her care for her daughter. Chelsea goes to school and still takes very good care of her daughter. Briana needs to mind her own business and quit dissing everyone!

nonmember avatar Shannon

Briana is so childish she her moma and sister need to be taken off teen mom I don't and won't watch their season because I can't stand them she is just jealous of Chelsea because Chelsea will go somewhere in her life Briana will be living with her B**** moma for the rest of her life

nonmember avatar Monica

She's just bitter cause her show got cancelled and they brought back the teen mom 2 girls

Nikki Roach

She's just mad the gravy train stopped.


nonmember avatar Helloworld101

Briana needs to learn to control her mouth. What's wrong w Chelsea? She's probably mad her season got cancelled and Chelsea's didn't (although janelle needs to go, but that's a diff argument). She's a whiny brat who needs to get smacked in the mouth.

nonmember avatar Sara

Briana DeJesus, no honey. Shut your trap. Just because they cancelled teen mom 3 doesn't mean you can go ahead and start talking smack about the girls on teen mom 2. ESPECIALLY Chelsea. She's perfect. Takes care of her daughter great. Goes to school. Works. and she is smart. unlike you. You're dull and really need to be independent instead of having your mommy do everything for you. Learn to take care of your daughter and learn to keep that mouth of yours closed. What you said on Twitter didn't even make sense. So just stop. Seriously. Just deal with the fact that teen mom 3 is OVER. and teen mom 2 is back. The way it should be. Oh. And Chelsea will always be better than you.



nonmember avatar Cheryl

HAHA @ Jessica Sacks! So true. She needs de jesus!

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