Jenelle Evans' Crazy Offensive Name for Farrah Abraham Takes Their Feud Too Far

farrah abrahamTeen Mom stars and pillars of the parenting community Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham are in an epic fight. It started out with Farrah making rude, backhanded comments about Jenelle's second pregnancy and just escalated from there. It seems like every day, one of these two girls has something incredibly nasty to say about the other on Twitter, and it's hard to look away in that trainwrecky kind of way. 

Anyway, yesterday Farrah hit Jenelle below the belt, calling her and her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, "white trash," and now, naturally, Jenelle has fired back. According to reports, Jenelle reallly took things a step further, tweeting, "Taking advice from Farrah Abraham is like taking advice from a prostitute who sucks d*ck for crack. Shut the f*ck up!" Damn.

I mean, Farrah Abraham certainly wouldn't be my go-to person when I'm looking for advice in the parenting department, but did you have to go there, Jenelle? Sheesh. You're not exactly building a good case against Farrah. 

Whose side are you on?

Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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Roxanne Feighner

Good Job MTV for creating great role models for the younger generation......

Tracy C. Conrad Boucher

Jenelle his the nail on the head! Even though she isn't perfect and has made mistakes, I respect her for continuing to try! Farrah is a whore and a user that I would not give the time of day. She doesn't deserve to have her daughter, that little girl deserves a much better life!!

Sarah L Peterman Rebel

i am on jenelle side of things she had every right to say what she had to really say 

Esther Thomas

At least Jenelle is trying to better herself where as Farrah is just making money off dirty movies and is not rasing her child.

Laura Van Melle

She didn't call Farrah a prostitute. Can't you read? And, I'm on Jenelle's side. Jenelle has made mistakes, but she is bettering herself and is taking care of her kid. She'll be getting custody back in no time. Farrah, however, is too busy being a snob to realize that she needs to work on a few things. At this point, I believe in Jenelle, but I don't believe in Farrah.

Justine Buda

Farrah really has zero room to talk....

nonmember avatar Cass

my opinion is if farrah has the nerve to start that crap with janelle she deserves every word she gets on janelles side atleast she is trying to get her life on track and not scoop low like farrah.

nonmember avatar samantha

I'm definitely on Janelle's side. Farrah started this shit with her ignorant "advice" that not a soul cares about Janelle is way better then farrah in every way. Farrah is a back door dick taker who will do anything for attention ol fake ass bitch nothin on her is real.

Elaini Young

That Wasn't Her, It Was Her Boyfriend. Way To Get Your Fact Straight...DUMB ASSES 

Jo-Ann Tuohey

Jenelle was sucking it for heroin, just as bad, remember Keiffer, Jenelle? You both are sickening, but at least Farrah knew how to be a mother at one time until she turned into a hooker....

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