Kim Kardashian's Butt Looks Fake in New Pic -- What the Heck Is Going On?!

kim kardashianI honestly don't get Kim Kardashian's body. It literally defies all science and logic. I mean, I saw the world-renowned KUWTK episode where she got an X-ray of her behind, proving it's au naturel, butt ... how is that possible? This new picture of Kim Kardashian's butt is mind-boggling. Literally! Until we saw it on Us Weekly, my co-workers and I were debating about whether it was fake or not.

Kim has really made an effort to lose the baby weight since becoming a mom, and it seems like all of her hard work has paid off. Her tummy is back to being flat, her waist trim, but ... I just don't get how her famous backside manages to look the same. Tell us your secrets, Kim! This is one of the world's great wonders!

Do you think Kim's had any enhancements to her, ah, butt?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar janet

It's an out of shape old lady butt.

Paws84 Paws84

Anyone can buy an ass these days.

nonmember avatar SassyHG

I have read that one can now have fat removed from one part of your body (hips, thighs, arms etc) and have it but into the butt. Maybe this is why you don't see anything unusual in the x-rays of her butt.
Just saying....

nonmember avatar Heather

She has fat injections which explains how she keeps her waist thin (lipo) and her ass huge (transfer of fat).

nonmember avatar Jaki

She is a short/wide woman whose butt (which has been injected) makes her look distorted.

nonmember avatar lopca

you know what why don't ppl just leave celeb people alone that is their bodies and what they do with it and what it looks like is their own choice not ours to discuss as if there is nothing wrong with us rather look in the mirror and talk about yourself before jugging other ppl really man it is bad, how would you feel if ppl posted a photo of you and asked ppl to judge that what do u think ppl will say and it would hurt u, that’s how they feel.

nonmember avatar sandy

There are plenty of "mind-boggling" arses out there! And a geo-cultural fact is that regions of the Mediterranean (e.g., Greece), and countries such as Africa have female populations whose rear ends typically resemble a KK bottom (or Khloe's, for that matter). Kim's genes trace back to Armenia, so she has plenty of "full" rear end genetics to help explain her high-rise with a balcony:-) I do not think Kim has had injections: It is how her body formed. Hey, look, I am a thin white woman with what can only be called a flat butt: The only roundness I have there comes from targeted glute exercises, uphill walks and stairs, and swimming. I think that Kim is probably doing too many squat-type exercise, which would only enhance the shape and "wealth" or her gluteal mass.

nonmember avatar Julia Jones

Fat transplant very obvious they all do it kim,kourt and Chloe ,remove fat from tummy hips etc and inject it on the bum

Penny Reeder Thomas

Wow!  How do you know that Kim, Court, and Chloe removes fat from their tmmy and inject into their hips?  And  does that make them bad people?  I get it that people like making fun of them because they are famous for nothing, but I happen to like them because they are famous for nothing.  Leave them alone and let them have their last season of The Kardashians in peace.

nonmember avatar Nancy

Kim's body proportions medically defy logic. If you trace her body over time you can see how it has changed and she did not have a big ass when she was younger. It's not something you just develop in your 20s. Modification of the rear is the new boob job. It has been popularized through tv and media and there are many ways to get a butt enhancement. Most of these will not show up on x-ray, as X-rays are very specific to density. Her x-ray did not prove anything. Fillers used to make a butt bigger are not dense enough to show up on an X-ray. Many women in the entertainment industry undergo procedures to get porn star butts. Niki minage's grew overnight as well. It's sad that these women who are role models for women everywhere and influence our youth, are passing on these standards. Kim kardashian does not have a natural body... That thought is causing harm to women and girls who compare themselves and feel inadequate. Kim has enough money that she can make herself look however she wants. I doubt she's truly happy inside. Happiness is beautiful girls.

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