Kristen Stewart 'Stands By' Cheating on Robert Pattinson

kristen stewartKristen Stewart dropped a lot of bombs in her recent Marie Claire interview. First, she read a poem she wrote; and now she's defending cheating on Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. In the mag, Kristen said she "stands by every mistake she's made." And she invites people to "judge away" if they want to.

Hmph. I kinda like Kristen's message to the world to "judge away," as it shows she's taking the high road, but ... if she's defending every mistake she made, that means she's defending cheating on Rob with a married man. And that ain't cool.

I'm a big believer in accepting the mistakes you've made in life, which Kristen seems to be doing; but I'm also a big believer in taking responsibility, which Kristen doesn't seem to be doing, if she's "defending" her mistakes. If you really want to grow and move past things, Kristy, you're going to have to take some accountability. Just ask Rob.

What do you think of Kristen "defending" her mistakes? Cool or immature?

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Lucy Exarhopoulos

Leave her alone!!!!!!!!!! She is a decent girl & respectable!

Kathy J. Stewart

I think she just meant she admits to all of her mistakes. I don't think she was condoning the cheating!! She said before that she regretted her decisions and was sorry that they hurt people. You guys need to stop trying to interpret everything people say or don't say and let them live their lives in peace!!!!

Lori Martinson Cyples

These people LOOK for things to cause trouble and twist the words!

ap58 ap58

why adding the words " judge away" sounds so arrogant. she cant denied anything theres a proof for it aside from both of them  issued an apology via People magazine.wondering if its not for the twilight BD2 promotion or the summit didnt pressured her to come clean if that apology was even made to the public.

Marjorie K. Roach

Leave the girl alone,she made a mistake,she admitted to it,she apologized now get over it! She's right,judge on if you like but she is moving on and moving up.It would do you nasty people good to remember"judge not,least YOU be judged"

nonmember avatar Zai

Immature definitely. She sounds quite arrogant and unapologetic.

Sandy C Hall

Just leave her and Rob alone...You people need to get a life !!!
So sad that you have nothing better to do then twist words and make a big deal out of nothing !!!

nonmember avatar Cheryl Dunkley

Leave her alone she made a mistake I'm sure she's not the only celebrity that's done it ! And as for her saying judge away she doesn't give a damn what you people say about her and frankly I wouldn't either it's none of your business !

Mar' Kuhlman

She isn't defending anything. It is what it is. She did it; she's owning it. I have never in my lifetime heard so much BS over a make out session. If it were anybody else it would have been forgotten long ago.

Ofry Arad

do a s you pleas may god be with you

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