You Won't Believe What Nasty Name Farrah Abraham Called Jenelle Evans

Farrah AbrahamYou know you're in trouble when Jenelle Evans is telling you to stop causing drama. I mean, she's the queen of all drama and if she's telling you to simmer? It's serious. Clearly Farrah Abraham never got that memo because she's still going strong. Today it's being reported that Farrah threw even more fuel onto the fire of her feud with Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith. She could have been quiet and been the bigger person. But you know what they say: You can't teach a backdoor Teen Mom new tricks.

Responding to the latest slams from team Evans-Griffith, Jenelle pulled the ultimate low-blow. She called Jenelle "white trash"! Whaaaaaat? It's rare that in a fight, I'm in Jenelle's corner (usually I'm just, you know, running away), but Farrah owes Jenelle a HUGE apology. The only reason Jenelle spoke up to begin with was to call out Farrah for "concern trolling" her about her second pregnancy.

Admittedly, this then led to some nasty back and forth that devolved into Nathan Griffith saying Farrah was a "crack addicted prostitute," which yeah -- maybe kicked things up a notch. Or seven. Still, Jenelle had a point. Farrah should never have stuck her nose where it wasn't wanted. Here's hoping this most recent comment about Jenelle will be the last she makes for a while.

Who do you think is more at fault?


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nonmember avatar Marissa Davila

Farrah has no room to talk with her new sex video!

Clare... ClareMarie89

Farrah is the white trash she's made a porno... Has jenelle? No and it's none of Farrah's business plus Farrah said kourtney kardashian wasn't careful when she got preg with her second baby Penelope urm hello she was 32 not a teen... Jenelle seems to rele have come long way and Farrah has personality issues plus Farrah has a second porno coming out, she's the white trash.

Bella306 Bella306

I think she needs to back off and look at the true reality and the only reason why farrah is bad mouthing janelle is because janelle has come along way and is doing alot better than her least janelle sees her child and doesn't act like her child is " just there"

nonmember avatar Hannah

Farrah is white trash. She has no room to pick on Jenelle. At least Jenelle is trying to change he life around and work toward getting her son back. Farrah did a porno and loves fame more than her own child.

Amy Adams

If you are married have an abortion then get pregnant by your new boyfriend all while still married you might be white trash. If you lost custudy to your mom because you smoke weed and party to much you might be white trash. If you have been aressted more than 20 times you might be white trash. If you fist fight and act like that cool you know because your supossed to be a mom and punching people is alright you are white trash. If you keep saying over more than 100 times that you have changed them coutinue to bash other people to make yourself look good you might be white trash. yep jenelle is white trash.

nonmember avatar Kspayd

Farrah is a dirty skank who doesn't take care of her child so who the heck is she to judge anyone else on their parenting?! I remember she had ATLEAST 3-5 different dudes around her daughter in one season of Teen Mom. She's a crazy, lying skank. And attention whore. I hated Jenelle with a passion but I definitely see improvement and I can understand why she stayed away when her mom would be on her ass and make her feel like crap. I could always see the hurt and care in her eyes. She's always loved her son and always wanted to be there. But when you are constantly being bashed and not even given a chance to be a mother, it makes you just want to die. I don't think she gave up custody just so she could go out and be irresponsible. I think she gave up custody because she felt her son would be taken care of while she tried to straighten out. I could be wrong. But that's how I see it. And Farrah is being completely unfair. She would rather get plastic surgery, make sex tapes, go out and drink and be with a bunch of different men than be at home with her daughter everyday and night. SHE is trashy AND a bad mother.

Donna Bays

HA! I personally think both are white trash. Yes Farrah hasn't went to jail over and over on the seasons but she did do some wrong when her daughter was born. Jenelle has went through alot of stuff but both should have grown the hell up and taken care of their kids the day they were born! When you opened up your legs and get pregnant that's the time you say goodbye to partying,going to jail and all that teeny life. Welcome to parenthood. I get so mad to hear a child curse! I mean come on who do you think the child got it from when his "mother" is always cursing at everyone even her own mother! Farrah's family is a bit on the crazy side. I feel for both kids having parents like them! The day you got pregnant was the day you should have cleaned up your ACT!! You can't pause being a parent or be a parent when you feel like you want to be one! Jenelle,How many times are you going to say "I've changed,I love this guy,I'm going to move in with them after dating them only a few weeks and my mom and I are getting along". I've heard her say this shit over and over in every season of Teen Mom 2 and on Dr.Drew. Time is ticking and Jace isn't getting any younger. Hopefully this time around you are a parent to this new child and that you have changed.

sydja... sydjademom24

Farrah has NO room to talk. Neither of them do. They've BOTH made some monumental mistakes and they need some humility. Name calling isn't right on either of their parts. Farrah shouldn't have stuck her nose where it didn't belong. Jenelle is making an attempt to turn her life around and deserves to be left alone. Nathan also shouldn't have added fuel to the fire...although I agree taking any kind of parenting/relationship advise from Farrah is a joke. Someone needs to be the bigger person and just refuse to be involved in this back and forth. Ignore it. I wish Jenelle all the best and hopefully Farrah follows suite with a life-change that she desperately needs.

nonmember avatar Ashley

Jenelle did not lose custody of Jace, she GAVE it to her mother so she could get her life together. So she has hit some bumpy roads? Who has not! She is working on getting her life together, trying to surround herself with better people and trying her best to get her mother to trust her, so her mother will feel confident that Jace will be in a safe place to live. Jenelle SIGNING over custody to her mother was the best and most grown up thing she could have ever done, so how does that make her white trash @Amy Adams? People make mistakes it is a part of GROWING UP. I think some people forget that when someone is a teen mom or a young mom, they are ultimately that, a young mom, and need guidance and will eventually get the hang of things. So I am pretty confident that BOTH Jenelle and Farrah will grow up and become better, more grown up moms.

LeAnna White Jimenez

Why are people so judgemental? What would people say about you if your whole life was on TV? These girls have made mistakes yes. but Jenelle is sarting to straighten up and Farrah WOW!! Enough said.

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