Jamie Dornan Gets Cocky About Playing Christian Grey

Jamie DornanClearly it takes a certain amount of gravitas and confidence to play a character like Christian Grey. It also takes a certain amount of ego, something Irish hottie Jamie Dornan has got in spades. As more and more attention is being focused on the Fifty Shades movie, Dornan continues to prove himself to have real star power. He handles awkward questions with aplomb. That's already enough to make us swoon! But there's more.

In a recent interview, some reporter had the gall to ask Dornan if he thought he had what it took to play the starring role in the movie. He responded perfectly.

There's no way of me answering that without sounding like a dick. Look, I wouldn't waste my time doing something if I didn't think I had the capability.

What a perfectly awesome way of saying "no duh" without sounding like King of the Tools, no? He went on in this interview with Elle UK to talk about everything he's doing to keep fame from going to his head. Sadly, this includes giving Twitter a wide berth. It's good he's got coping mechanisms, I guess. Now off to find another mode of telling him how much I adore him. Perhaps sky-writing.

Do you think Jamie handled that well or with too much attitude?


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Lorri Bickers

I think that was a perfect answer to a really stupid and not very witty question.

Bonnie Cooper

To tell the absolute truth, I had never heard of Jamie Dornan until he was chosen to play Christian. Now, he is Christian. Nobody else even comes close. He is a hottie!!!!!!

Cinnamon Dyes

i must agree with Lorri Bickers. It was a really stupid question. and i would have answered it with just as much "attitude" if not more.

Tango135 Tango135

Honest and confident response.  I've listened to him interviewed several times and he's articulate, thoughtful and very interesting.  He certainly has acting talent as evidenced by he role he plays of a dangerous serial killer in British TV's great series, The Fall.  He also played Sheriff Graham Humbert in Once Upon a Time.  Sadly, they ended his role way too soon.  50 Shades is filled with very hot sex.  But, people tend to lose focus on the very intense and powerful love story. To reach a wider audience, the graphic sex will be toned down, but an imaginative and skilled camera-person can convey tasteful eroticism. My mind played games with me regarding how I imagined the characters.  I feel like Jamie Dornan walked right out of the pages of 50 Shades.  He IS Christian Grey.  I'm impressed with the casting so far.  


candy... candyreaid

It's exactly what he should have said!

Shane Richard King

I think he is arrogant and because he was (is)cast in role he thinks hes hots***. he was more sweeter before miscast but know he does carry imself like a real a-hole. He's wrong for role and movie will bomb.

Shane Richard King

And he has this smug smilelook about him always i find grating.

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