Chelsea Houska Can't Count on Her Ex for Anything

Chelsea Houska You'd think after forgetting his own daughter's birthday, Chelsea Houska's ex Adam Lind would try to step up his game. But not even being followed around with cameras 24/7 could spur Lind into using a calendar. Sure, he showed up for their daughter Aubree's pre-school orientation, but he totally blanked on his baby-mama's birthday. Maybe he's got cake-and-present-specific amnesia. Ya think? Stranger things have happened.

Hopefully his total obliviousness will keep Chelsea from falling back into his arms. We know she'll always have a soft spot for Adam, but it's clear she can do (and should do) soooooooo much better! I know I can't be the only one who was worried that they seemed slightly more flirtatious than usual.

I maybe threw pickled pig's feet at my screen in disgust. It was too dramatic of a gesture and now my house smells like old pork. Ah well. Still, in spite of all of Adam's spacey ways, it was nice to see him stepping up to the plate and being the co-parent with Chelsea that Aubree deserves.

Do you think Adam has stepped up his game for good?


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nonmember avatar cynthia blancha

When he or she is your ex, they dont have to remember your birthday. I dont expect my ex to e mail happy birthday. The kids yes but it would be nice. Still i wouldnt worry about it just move on and enjoy my day Mz.imdoinme

Point of it all if he foregot his baby birthday u stands a poor chance. u didn't exist 2 him when y'all was together what do you think about now. he's flirting with u for when things go wrong with his girl he can come back to u 2 see where he stands with u if he still got u where he want u. Look how he asked u where he can go sign for that lil mistake when Aubree was born that alone would have pulled me away from him 2 never look back how can u love some1 that can say that about their child. Ur gonna take him back even afther the new baby is born girl u can do so much better than adam. live learn move on any woman that keeps dealing with that bs don't love herself. It aint that important 2 have a family for Aubree when u have a wonderful family already ur mom & dad. U dont need 2 be with adam 2 make Aubree hppy shes happiest when he aint around. Chelses open ur eyes hun adam will keep doin only what u allow him 2 do as long as u keep allowing him. he's not a good dad 2 Aubree & he's gonna bring another into the wrold. Let him see Aubree & move on. Soon as things get rocky with her he's gonna come running 2 u plz prove urself wrong & dont fall & that u dont deserve that & is worth more than that u as a woman must know ur own worth. As long as u keep settling for less for u & your child less u will get continuously. Other than that ur a wonderful mom u really are & adam is ur down fall he gets a rush off ur misery cause if not he will leave u be.

Chyree Garcia

Shoot my son's dad doesn't remember my brithday and we have been friends for 22 years! I don't let it bother me. Guys are more forgetful about things like that. Chelsea is doing a great job with Aubree and Adam needs to step his game up for Aubree.

Mecie Pascoe

No Adam is a piece of shit daddy

Rebecca Fokes

Its obvious this site needs new writers for these so called articles. why the hell would we wanna hear about PIGS FEET u threw like a psycho and left to smell. Altough your description says your probably spilling food on yourself so its not like u would be smart enough to not spill and throw food


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