Kate Middleton's Vacation Photos Could Mean Big Changes at the Palace

Kate Middleton We've all totally loved getting sneak peeks of Kate Middleton as she and the royal baby headed off on their tropical vacation. Kate's relaxed nautical look was totally on point. But do these pictures mean a big change in palace life? The palace has always been fiercely protective of the Royal Family's private life. Remember their infamous smack-down of the paps responsible for those bikini pics of Kate and Wills on vacay?

Well, the photos of Kate getting off the plane have people up in arms. Has the palace changed their policy about allowing photographs to be taken of the Royal Family in their private life? They say no. In fact, they claim the only reason the deplaning photo was allowed was because it was taken "with no hassle" and in a public place. We love getting to see more photos of Kate, naturally, but here's hoping this isn't a slippery slope. It's important that she gets the time she needs to recharge and come back ready to wow her admirers.

Do you think Kate gets enough privacy?


Image via Instagram

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Esteban Peñaloza

Yes. She looks not over loaded. The fact that could be a need to avoid, is the problems with her husband. Like the king of Netherlands, has others; cause queen Maxima the argentine economist, is not enough.

But Kate is holly.

Barb Loman

It is high time that the British royal family followed the European family and Kate has done a lot to relax and actually enjoy life the same as us.

nonmember avatar micmac

Being photographed at a publicly used airport alighting from a plane is quite different from being photographed in revealing swimwear on an allegedly public beach, catering for a private island resort, or, worse still, peering into the premises of a privately rented chateau in the middle of what we Down Under call Woop Woop.

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